House Party Stephanie Walkthrough Guide

House Party Stephanie Walkthrough Guide

House Party Stephanie Walkthrough Guide

Welcome to Residence Occasion Stephanie Walkthrough Manual, exactly where we will offer you all the steps, tips and secrets to full Stephanie’s story and scenes

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Home Party Stephanie Walkthrough Guideline – Requirements:

  • Painkillers: Learn Bathroom, at the rear of the door
  • Intestine Vacation: Learn Toilet, near to the rest room
  • Digital camera: Master Bedroom > Mirror Table
  • Laxatives: Learn Bedroom > Closet
  • SD Card: Research home > Laptop, then use it with the digicam
  • Rapid Food stuff Bag: Outside the house > at the rear of the chimney
  • Mobile phone jammer: Garage > Desk
  • Mysterious vital: Area the place Stephanie dances > Leading of the chimney, but you just cannot be spotted by Derek or Madison
  • Vacant vodka bottle: Frank > Shelf, but just before choose it, notify him. And once you have it, use it with the faucet (kitchen area, upcoming to the stove)

Dwelling Party Stephanie Walkthrough Manual – Stage by Move

Likely for Stephanie 1/5

  • Communicate to Stephanie, pick out all the good discussions
  • Converse to Katherine: “we use the term “need” outside the house its meant purpose”, check with her about the phone, “who could ever by necessarily mean to her”, and ultimately talk to about Stephanie
  • Go to the chimney home, and give the painkillers to Patrick, but Stephanie have to see you the two

Going for Stephanie 2/5

  • Converse to Stephanie about Patrick, pick the new discussions, but steer clear of the lousy ones once again
  • Speak to Katherine and supply her a little something to consume
  • Tell Frank that your sober, and then talk to him about the alcohol and about Katherine
  • Question Katherine what drink she likes, and also tell her that “Frank has a crush on her and that he is guarding all the alcohol.”

Likely for Stephanie 3/5

  • Frank: Notify him you were chatting with Katherine, also take the deal
  • Change on the cell mobile phone jammer following to Katherine, she will enter a area, then transform off the mobile mobile phone jammer and explain to her about the deal (Frank)
  • Inquire her to choose a image, tell her 2 times to acquire the best off and select a pose, and eventually consider the image and convey to her to acquire a split
  • Give the digital camera to Frank, take the rum (cabinet) and use it with the laxatives (no one can see you)
  • Give the tampered (laxatives) rum to Katherine, talk to her, depart her and wait around untill she shouts she requires some contemporary air
  • When she closes the bathroom’s door explain to Stephanie that Katherine experienced a drink generating her sick and hear

Going for Stephanie 4/5

  • Give the speedy food bag to Stephanie in the portray place
  • She will go downstairs, but she will occur back again, then question her what she is carrying out and notify her she is performing weired
  • Get the bag from her, smell it and notify her to prevent

Home Celebration Stephanie Walkthrough Manual – Ending

  • When the dialogue finishes, inform her you are completely ready
  • Go with listed here to the learn bed room, seem the doorway and communicate about lessons untill you unlock the ending

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