House Party Amy Walkthrough Guide

House Party Amy Walkthrough Guide

House Party Amy Walkthrough guide

Welcome to House Celebration Amy Walkthrough Guideline, the place we will deliver you all the steps, recommendations and tricks to full Amy’s story and scenes

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Dwelling Party Amy Walkthrough Guidebook – Specifications:

  • Credit history Card: Residing space > Laptop or computer table > Ideal drawer, but really don’t let Derek see you
  • Mug: Kitchen > Slider door > shelf, but fill it with water (faucet)
  • Towel: Downstairs > toilet
  • Madisons cell phone: Learn rest room > remaining to the faucet
  • Paper: Research space > Laptop
  • Chocolate bar: Research area > top shelf, but use it with the drinking water mug
  • Pencil: Skybed area > desk

Residence Occasion Amy Walkthrough Tutorial – Move by Move

1st of all go to Derek and talk if you want, but you have to go there, and then the walkthrough starts off:

Scavenger Hunt 1/8

  • Go chat to Amy
  • Give your helpfor scavenger hunts
  • Go with Amy yet again and look at the record
  • Hand in excess of the credit score card

Scavenger Hunt 2/8

  • Meet up with Amy and check out the checklist all over again
  • Talk to Frank for a con*dom
  • Speak to Derek: Talk to if Frank is homosexual, then notify him you assume you are, and also ask him about Amy’s deal
  • Fulfill Frank and confess him you come to feel attacted to him
  • Follow Frank exterior, he will give you your initial reward and also the cond*om
  • Give de con*dom to Amy
  • Satisfy her in the chimney home, the son reminds you of the a single of panic at the disco, they are great, but not the finest

Scavenger Hunt 3/8

  • Fulfill Amy and check the record once far more
  • Go to Derek, check with him for the shirt and notify him about the petition
  • Build the petition on the Computer (Dwelling place > Frank is seated there)
  • Print the petition
  • Speak to the subsequent persons about the petition:
    • Amy: “You have to indication it”
    • Frank: “for re-developing prohibition”
    • Stephanie: “The prettiest signature wins”
    • Katherine: “Its to castrate all men”
    • Brittney: “Its for a absolutely free the nipples campaign”
    • Ashley: “Its for Derek to get his shit off”
    • Patrick: “help him, its a surprise petition”
    • Rachael: “Everything is cool, its for Derek to just take his shirt off”
    • Madison: Speak to her at the close. Initial say “she is carrying out fantastic, brownie details are the way bakers preserve score” say goodbye.  Aflter you have talked with everybody get shut to her and she will strategy you, inform her “you have a lot of queries and Derek is hunting you”. Method once more and inquire her to signal to make Derek elevate his shirt.
  • Give the petition to Derek and then the shirt to Amy

Scavenger Hunt 4/8

  • Fulfill Amy and check out the record at the time a lot more
  • Give the telephone to Madison, check with for the reward and also take to humiliate Ashley
  • Discuss to Ashley: Question her why she is distracted, how can you assist with the beer incident, and also tell her she is continue to cute. Then tell her she is hotter than madison, she is the co-host, and also assure her to enable Brittney
  • Give her the towel and settle for get Madison’s diary: Learn bed room > desk with a mirror > use with: Gastronomy ebook, paper and pencil > Open the safe and get the diary.
  • Give the diary to Ashley, you have acquired her believe in, go with her to the sky mattress place
  • Give her to wash her clothes and go back for her panties. If you never have sufficient BFF and Like you will need to make the red flower blue with the blue hair dye and give it to her.
  • Wash Ashley’s clothes, when the seem stops set them into the dryer, and lastly give the clothing to Ashley
  • Now you have to get Ashley out of the Skybed room, you can use tampered soda (soda + laxatives)
  • Give the panties to Amy

House Occasion Amy Walkthrough Guideline – Chasing Amy

  • Meet Amy and check out the record after much more: Inform her to “fuck the sorority and continue to keep her dignity”
  • Technique her once again, request about her sorority and stop by her at the hearth pit
  • Inspect the microwave (kitchen area) and request Katherine why is not performing, she will fix it.
  • Then use the Chocolate and water in mug there, and give the scorching chocolate to Amy at the fireplace pit
  • Approach once more and convey to her: “The hearth is soothing, you request the corporation of curiosity folks and you want to know her better”. Then “that it is not about the place she is, but who, inquire her to go someplace private and that it was a remember to to meet up with her”
  • Observe her to the skybed place, inquire her about enjoyable as a lot of moments as you have to have to enjoy the scene

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