Hidden edges in Zelda Links Awakening

Hidden edges in Zelda Links Awakening

Hidden edges in Zelda Links Awakening

We present you all the Hidden Conch sites at Zelda Links Awakening so you can get plenty of rewards at Caracola Mansion

Hidden edges in Zelda Links Awakening – Introduction

There are a total of 50 doll shells in the game, and are used to exchange them for rewards at the Caracola Mansion. So, without further introduction, we will explain where everyone will find themselves.

Hidden edges in Zelda Links Awakening – Video

Since there are 50, the simplest is that you will see a video where everyone gets to class. So even if we leave you with explanations later, we leave you with the video first

Hidden edges in Zelda Links Awakening – Locations

Hidden shells hidden in the village of Mabe

  • 1st Hidden Bay: North of the Toronbo Coast Crashes into a Palm Run
  • 2nd conch hidden: From the previous one, go right and do the same with the tree in the middle of a group of trees.
  • 3rd conch hidden: Close to the previous one, enter the Dungeon Tail and break one of the cracked walls to the left
  • 4th conch hidden: Go to the right of the Toronbo Coast and dig next to a palm tree, on the edge of the cliff
  • 5th hidden niches: For fishing a fish (see Catch fish)
  • 6th Hidden Conch: To fish another fish (see Catch fish)
  • 7th Hidden Conch: Go to the central area and clear the bushes in the garden
  • 8th conch hidden: Get out of the pet's house, down next to the pink roof house
  • 9th hidden conch: Minigame from the southeast zone
  • 10th hidden conch: Minigame from the southeast zone
  • 11th Hidden Leap: On the right phone it crashes into the tree

Hidden edges in Huerta de los Hoyos

  • 12th Hidden Conch: Go down the subway to the cod house and look inside a chest

Hidden bays in Martha's Bay

  • 13th conch hidden: On the left, in a boat in a cabin
  • 14th Hidden Conch: On an island under the phone
  • 15th Hidden Conch: Right from the previous one and look through the rings
  • 16th Hidden Conch: Next to the stone owl, from a rim
  • 17th Hidden Conch: Above the dungeon is the circular stones
  • 18th Hidden Conch: From the previous one, to the right in the bushes to the right of a house

Hidden ends in the Yarna Desert

  • 19th Hidden Conch: Touch the ocher where the skulls are
  • 20th Hidden Conch: on the right, above, where rocks
  • 21st Hidden Conch: With the Stone Owl (northwest of the desert), it's by the sand

Hidden edges in Animal Village

  • 22nd Hidden Conch: With the kiosk, top right
  • 23rd hidden conch: From the previous one, at home on the left

Red-haired shell hidden in ancient ruins

  • 24th Hidden Conch: Move the elements of the underground passage from the central section to the north of the ancient ruins
  • 25th hidden conch: North of the ancient ruins you will see a circle on some rocks, look at the top right

Hidden edges on the Rapids track

  • 26th Hidden Conch: With the lip on the bottom left
  • 27th hidden conch: On the other hand, in the center, requires the shovel
  • 28th hidden niches: Talk to man by the waterfall

Hidden edges on the Tal Tal Plateau

  • 29th Hidden Conch: To the right, put a bomb in a hole

Hidden edges in the Cordillera de Tal Tal

  • 30th hidden niches: Through the waterfall
  • 31st Hidden Conch: From the waterfall go left and go up the stairs
  • 32nd Hidden Conch: From the previous one, go right, enter the cave, drop a bomb on the wall and move on
  • 33rd hidden conch: From the dungeon to the right of the area, to a chest

Hidden edges in Monte Tamaranch

  • 34th Hidden Conch: In the left look for a green roof, and beneath it puts a bomb in the hole
  • 35th Hidden Conch: In the area above, under one of the black rocks
  • 36th Hidden Conch: From the previous one go left and use the shovel on some rocks (before the phone)

Hidden crypt shells in the Goponga swamp

  • 37th Hidden Conch: Look for the phone and dig right (Garden)
  • 38th Hidden Conch: From the previous one head south, at the entrance of the mysterious forest, but before entering digging

Hidden edges in the mysterious forest

  • 39th Hidden Conch: In the center, you dig when you see the blue flowers
  • 40th Hidden Conch: In the south look for a chest in the middle of the blue flowers

Hidden edges in Ukuku Meadow

  • 41st Hidden Conch: Enter the dungeon and dig next to the bushes
  • 42nd Hidden Conch: Look for the lake and look at the small island of Bush
  • 43th Hidden Conch: On the left side of the cemetery, dig next to a bush through the orange belt
  • 44th Hidden Conch: In the center building, enter and destroy the wall with a bomb, move the rocks and reach the owl with the shovel
  • 45 th Hidden Conch: At the upper right of the lake, dig along the circular rocks
  • 46th Hidden Conch: Use the hook to the left of the phone and open the chest

Hidden edges in the Kanalet castle

  • 47th Hidden Conch: On the river, next to the waterfall

Shell of redfish hidden in the cemetery

  • 48th Hidden Conch: For some trees to the right, it requires a shovel
  • 49 th Hidden Conch: Conquer the first 4 levels of the dungeon above the cemetery

Hidden edges in the Paramo de Tabahl

  • 50th Hidden Conch: To the north of the precipice there is a wooden sign, lift the rock

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