Heroes Online Quirks Guide – Robloxtool

Heroes Online Quirks Guide – Robloxtool

Heroes Online Quirks

Welcome to the Heroes On line Quirks Guidebook, the techniques that you unlock with SP, understand about their bonuses and moves for your combats

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Heroes On the internet Quirks – Legendary

Legendary Quirks: A person for all, HellFlame, All for a person and also Overhaul

One particular For All

Legendary, significant problems, close range and also high knockback

Description: The Quirk of a legend, when wielded by the image of peace. Its moves are closely concentrated on pushing enemies again or setting them up for even more problems.


Famous, large problems, medium range and also versatile

Description: A person of the strongest hearth quirks, noteworthy for its unique usage of fireplace and diverse moves.

All For A person

Famous, first rate harm, mid-close selection and also quirk steal

Description: The quirk of top infamy, at first wielded by the super villain All For One particular. This quirk allows you disable quirks and dish out major harm in return


Famous, AoE, very low injury and also Lock-On

Description: A quirk that allows the consumer modify whatever they touch, restoring, reforming, or destroying just about anything with a single touch.

Heroes On the internet Quirks – Epic

Epic Quirks: Muscle Augmentation, Flame, Explosion, Cremation and also Ice

Muscle mass Augmentation

Epic, Quite High injury, high knockback and also sluggish assaults

Description: “A Quirk that gives it is user the ability to manipulate, fortify, and amplify their muscle mass mass. This quirk can pretty much rival the power of A single For All in phrases of raw energy and power.”


Epic, superior DPS, mid-near variety and also stun concentrated

Description: “The iconic hearth quirk, noteworthy for its flame pillars and flame dispersion go, it can be a excellent addition to any battle.”


Epic, significant harm, medium selection and also knockback targeted

Description: “A quirk that emphasises significant knockback and explosions. Noteworthy for remaining flashy with its moves.”


Epic, respectable hurt, quick AoE and also burning impact

Description: “A fire quirk which rivals Hellflame, extremely notable for its high hurt and blue flames, used by Dabi.”


Epic, medium hurt, mid-prolonged vary and also AoE centered

Description: “A quirk of minimal temperatures, noteworthy for its similarities with Cement, with an additional stun effect.”

Heroes Online Quirks – Exceptional

Rare Quirks: Foldabody, Zero Gravity, Regen, Naval Laser and also Cremation


Scarce, medium hurt, medium vary and also stun

Description: “This is the quirk utilized by the professional hero Edgeshot in the anime sequence. This quirk lets the person to manipulate the thinness of their body and extend it. The user’s human body can be as sharp as a knife by folding his body in distinct means.”

Zero Gravity

Uncommon, medium problems, medium vary and also stun set up

Description: “This scarce quirk has the capability to negate gravitational pull, an useful ranged quirk accompanied by a stun flip for setup”


Rare, lower injury, near vary, guidance concentrated and also large sustainability

Description: “This scarce quirk has really small fight employs, but it can heal the consumer and all those all-around them pretty rapidly.”

Naval Lazer

Uncommon, medium damage, lengthy vary and also knockback targeted

Description: “This scarce quirk provides the potential to shoot lasers out of the user’s navel. Very extensive assortment concentrated with some knockback moves and medium to major hurt.”


Rare, medium hurt, medium selection, car canon, x-ray vision and also AoE concentrated

Description: “This is the quirk applied by the Hero Creati, The quirk lets you to create weapons and valuable tools on the fly to track, attack and defend. The quirk significantly only has 1 direct attack go as all other people are possibly buffs or automatic”

Heroes On-line Quirks – Popular

Typical Quirks: Cement, Somnambulist, Acid, Egine and also Electrification


Common, medium hurt, mid-close range and also AoE targeted

Description: “This widespread quirk has first rate all all over electric power, with visible similarities with Ice. Enables the user to reform cement, adapt for industrial parts.”


Widespread, medium destruction, shut selection, DoT and also stun concentrated

Description: “This common quirk bestows the capability to launch a pacifying gas from the user’s pores”


Common, Very Higher Damage, Far array, DoT and also High Stun destruction

Description: “This is just one of the popular quirks you can attain from spins. It shares quite a few features with Electrification, as its deficiency of any visual functions, and moves that run pretty much identically in principle.”


Common, medium injury, close range, knockback centered and also velocity buff

Description: “This is 1 of the popular quirks, noteworthy for acquiring an distinctive animation for dashes, as properly as a far more than typical pace strengthen.”


Widespread, superior damage and also mid-near assortment

Description: “This is 1 of the frequent quirks you can receive from spins. Its electric assaults are extremely minimal, and it has no visible results on the figures body, but it has fantastic harm and is a very good quirk for starters.”

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