Heart Tracks in Zelda Links Alarm Clock – Locations

Heart Tracks in Zelda Links Alarm Clock – Locations

Heart tracks on Zelda Links Awakening

We explain the positions of all Pieces Hearts at Zelda Links Awakening so you can maximize your life span.

Heart Pieces in Zelda Links Awakening – Introduction

There are a total of 32 heart pieces hidden from the game. For every 4 we get we will have an extra heart. Knowing the locations we can get + 8 hearts.

It should be noted that by defeating the most powerful bosses in the game, we will have a whole heart. So we can get more than 8 extra hearts. Although we are not going to talk about bosses in this site guide, all you have to do is go ahead and beat them.

Heart Tracks in Zelda Links Alarm Clock – Locations

You will automatically get 11 pieces of heart, promoting the story and defeating the bosses. So we'll tell you exactly where to find the ones that aren't automatically acquired:

Heart pieces in Mabe village

  • 1st piece of heart – Village Mabe: Under the entrance to the mysterious forest, next to the well
  • 2nd piece of heart – Mabe Village: To fish a fish (see Catch fish)
  • 3rd piece of heart – Mabe Village: In store you buy for 200 rupees
  • 4th piece of heart – Mabe Village: As a reward for the minigame hook
  • 5th Heart Piece – Mabe Village: In a cave hidden by Ukuku Prairie, you discover the entrance, throwing a bomb

Heart pieces in the mysterious forest

  • 6th piece of heart – Mysterious Forest: Through the gaps in the northwest walls of the mysterious forest
  • 7th Heart piece – Mysterious Forest: Behind the rocks next to the fallen tree west of the mysterious forest
  • 8th Heart piece – Mysterious Forest: In a rock cave north of the mysterious forest and west of the Pantano de Goponga

Heart pieces at the Paramo de Tabahl

  • 9th Heart piece – Paramo de Tabahl: Go south and look in and through a hole
  • 10th Heart piece – Paramo de Tabahl: Go south and look in and out of a hole

Heart pieces in the cemetery

  • 11th Heart Piece – Cemetery: At the bottom left there are 4 tombstones, push the bottom right and look for the heart piece through the cave

Heart pieces in Cordillera Tal Tal

  • 12th Heart Piece – Cordillera Tal Tal: Above Nothing (with Flaps) Until You Enter a Cave
  • 13th Heart Piece – Tal Tal Mountain Range: Play raft racing to collect items and search the heart for West Island

Heart pieces in Kanalet castle

  • 14th Heart piece – Castle Kanalet: In the eastern moat of the castle, where you have to swim to get it

Heart pieces in animal village

  • 15th Heart piece – Animal Village: Behind the east buildings
  • 16th Heart Piece – Animal Village: To the east of the Zoo lies the Yarna Desert and there is a sand worm, near the cave that houses another heart

Heart Pieces in Bahia Martha

  • 17th Heart piece – Bahia Martha: Pass the holes under the mermaid statue, descend the stairs and search for the cave
  • 18th Heart Piece – Martha Bay: Give the 5 Gold Leaves to Richard (west of Martha's Bay) (see Golden leaves)
  • 19th Heart Piece – Martha Bay: Near the Marta Bay, jump holes in the ground

Heart pieces on Koholint island

  • 20th Heart Piece – Koholint Island: Enter the Turtle Rock and open the top left door (requires a key)

Heart tracks in Monte Tamaranch

  • 21st Heart Piece – Monte Tamaranch: Climb the ladder, move the rock and look for the cave

Heart Pieces in Zelda Links Alarm Clock – Video locations

Finally we leave you a video of BeardBear with all the heart positions. Just within the first few seconds there is a map with all the hearts, which may be helpful with our explanations:

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