Grandmother’s advice and guide Chapter 2

Grandmother’s advice and guide Chapter 2

Grandmother's Guide Chapter 2

Welcome to Granny’s Tips and Guide Chapter 2, the second installment of the DVloper horror and escape game for Android and iOS phones

In case you are interested in starting with the first part, the Granny 1 driver is here

Grandmother’s Guide Chapter 2 – Practice

It is very difficult to overcome the game for the first time. So we suggest you start with the practice function. So you can memorize the scripts before confronting your grandparents, and so learn how and where to use the objects or solve the puzzles with all the calm in the world.

Once you play in practice and know where things are and what to do with them, the next thing we suggest is to make some effort without any ambition to see what it’s like to count your grandparents without any pressure.

Grandmother’s Guide Chapter 2 – Noise

Although it is normal to think as carefully as possible, it is important to know when to make noise.

Grandma listens to almost everything, but Grandpa only hears loud noises. The problem is that noise is a bait that both will go to whenever they hear it and you should use it to your advantage. If you make a lot of noise, you can both switch to audio. If you know the houseplants well, they can help you learn where to get them by making noise.

Grandmother’s Guide Chapter 2 – Security Cameras

Security cameras will help you a lot, so using them should be your first goal.

It will not be difficult for you to find the room, as it is the largest door (2nd floor, to the left of the dining room), although the opening is something else. The key is in the grandfather’s necklace around his neck, and you have to anesthetize him to get it out.

It is best to use the anesthetic gun while you sleep, although you can also take it to a location (based on noise), hit it from behind and remove it.

Once you have the key, go to the living room as fast as you can, enter and first close the door behind you. Now you can turn on the screen and locate the grandparents with the 5 cameras. So you can explore with much more calm.

Grandmother’s Guide Chapter 2 – Objects

  • Lock key: To unlock the basement control box and get off the boat. It also acts as a padlock for the front door
  • Security key: To access the camera room, we explain how to get it in the previous section
  • Lever: Used to open two wooden boxes, the first outside the original room and the second on the balcony on the second floor. It also serves to clean the front door
  • Boat key: To start the boat and get out of the tunnels
  • Security key: To open the safe near the front door and find more items
  • Anesthetize the weapon and ammunition: to anesthetize enemies
  • Weapon Key: To get the shotgun from the arsenal
  • Hunting weapon and ammunition: For access to the enclosed area of ​​the attic
  • Hand wheel: To lift the front door metal cage cover
  • Boat steering wheel: To get on the boat before you can escape the tunnels
  • Gasoline: To get on the ship before you can escape the tunnels
  • Bouzi: To get on the ship before you can escape the tunnels
  • Pliers: For a box in the attic, where you will find more items. It also serves to deactivate the main field electric field energy
  • Door handle: To add to the front door and open it
  • Door lock:
  • Vase:

Grandmother’s Guide Chapter 2 – Hiding Objects

You can only move one item at a time, so it’s important to keep them under control. And memorizing all the locations can be a hassle, so we suggest you leave them all in the same place. We suggest that it be a room with many exits, so as not to surprise you, such as the couple’s room (the largest with the largest bed). It has many entrances and exits and you can choose to leave the items on the bed (no noise) or on the floor (with noise)

Grandmother’s Guide Chapter 2 – Home Zones

  • Basement: There is a wooden box that you can open with the lever, items on the shelves and a shaft on the wall where you can put the steering wheel
  • Basement: There is the boat with which you can escape and the control box that requires the lock key
  • First floor: There is the main door from which you can escape, but it has many security measures. Look for items in the cupboards, in front of the main door is the security lock that requires the security key. Also look under the piano lid. And check the book on the top left, where the TV, for access to the arsenal, which requires the weapon key
  • Second floor: In the kitchen there are several cupboards for inspection, as well as for the rooms of the hallway. But on the other hand there is a box, remove it to find a power supply that you can stop. Through the dining room, remove the 2 blocks on the wall to reach two spaces with objects. To the left of the dining room is the room that requires the security key. Nearby there is another wooden box (lever)
  • Attic: You will climb the stairs to the security room. Although then you will see a hole connected to the dining room. You will find boxes and a hidden part that require the pliers and the shotgun respectively.

Video guide

Now we leave you a video from iTownGamePlay where you will see how to complete Granny Chapter 2 without catching it even once


In case you didn’t understand, there are 8 possible endings in the game depending on how you escape, here it is all:

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