Get the magnifying glass at Zelda Links Awakening

Get the magnifying glass at Zelda Links Awakening

Magnifying glass at Zelda Links Awakening

We explain how to get Magnifying Glass at Zelda Links Awakening, as it requires getting 12 more items before swapping them.

Magnifier in Zelda Links Alarm – Introduction

Magnifying Glass (Magnifying Glass in English) is a tool with which you can see things you couldn't have before. The first time you hear from them will be when you open the black book in the library, from Mabe Village.

To get it you will need to get and swap a series of items first. So, in addition to giving you the location, we explain the preceding steps to follow:

Zelda Magnifying Glass Links Alarm – Exchanges

Yoshi shape

Go to the crane's house via Mabe Village. There you will take the form of Yoshi, in addition to a conch shell, a chaochao image and a piece of heart.


Picture of Yoshi with Mamasha, the woman with a baby in a 2-door house north of Mabe Village. The house is next to a building that is blocked by three rocks.

Dog food

Give the ramp to Chaochao, it's the dog in the central part of Mabe Village. You'll know it because there's a chomp tied to a string


Give Vendo dog food on the beach of Litoral Toronbo. It's around the house that has a monkey throwing things


Give bananas to Kiki the monkey from the Kanalet castle. From the closed entrance go right to find it. This step is important because it is the only way to access the Kanalet castle


Give the stick to Tarin, it's next to a tree northeast of Ukuku Prairie Gate


Give Honeycomb to Bear Village Animal House (bottom right)


Give Papahl the pineapple from the Tal Tal range

Letter Goat

Give Christine Hibiscus for Animal Village


Give the kid a letter to Mr. Write for Mysterious Forest

Fish hook

Give Grandma Yahoo a broom for Animal Village


Give the hook to Martha Bay's fisherman (requires bathing)


Give the mermaid necklace by the lake


Place the ladder on the south shore statue by the lake. The cave where the magnifying glass is unlocked

Zelda Links Awakening Magnifier – What Is It?

Of course, to read the black book from the Village Mabe library. But now you can also access a "secret shop" on the beaches of Litoral Toronbo (central section), where you can get boomerang

Video guide

If you want to see the whole tour in a gameplay, here's this Gamers Heroes:

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