Get the best horse of Red Dead Redemption 2

Get the best horse of Red Dead Redemption 2

best horse of Red Dead Redemption 2

We clarify uou how to get the greatest horse of Purple Dead Redemption 2, exactly where to locate it, and how to update it to acquire the most effective velocity and resistance amounts.

Get the greatest horse of Red Lifeless Redemption 2 – Kinds

There are distinctive varieties of horses you may decide on based on the predicament:

Regular horse: medium velocity and resistance.

Racing horse: small resistance and optimum pace.

Elite horse: utmost resistance and medium speed. This is the very best form of horse for any circumstance but it is also the most costly a single.

The appears to be, breed and unique data are random.

Get the most effective horse of Pink Useless Redemption 2 – Where is it?

The most interesting are the Elite horses and you can discover them in the Blackwater stable when you unblock this zone in the epilogue. If you want a excellent Elite horse you can uncover them in Saint Denis stable, obtainable from chapter 4.

Saint Denis

You’ll go to Saint Denis in chapter 4, even though you can go just before chapter 4 if you want. The secure is found in southern component of the city, close to the shore.


Is not an solution until the EndGame since you just cannot get to the epilogue, in which you will uncover the most effective stallions RDR2 has.

You also have the War Horse, a superior horse but it has a distinct way to find it.

Get the finest horse of Pink Lifeless Redemption 2 – Up grade them

You can also upgrade the horses in a variety of methods:


Upgrade the horse bonding stage to unblock strengths and new maneuvers. If you want there is a bonding tutorial.


You can obtain add-ons to enhance your horses continually. The hooded stirrups will give you +2 pace and acceleration.


Electricity or resistance tonics let you to fill your horse’s energy. Nevertheless, they value and you can purchase them at the stables.

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