Get rubies on the Mario Kart Tour

Get rubies on the Mario Kart Tour

Rubies on the Mario Kart Tour

We explain all the free ways to get Rubies at Mario Kart Tour, so you don’t have to pay for them

Rubies are the top currency of the game, with which you can activate the game and get characters or vehicles. Of course, always try to buy 10 tracks, as you will save 5 rubies.

Rubies on Mario Kart Tour – Free

There are several ways to get free rubies just by playing, so you don’t have to pay for them.

Go up level

One way to get rubies is to climb. For this, all you need is to add experience. So play games and try to look your best to get more experience every time you play.

Unlock cups

Collecting stars unlocks cups on tours and every time you unlock a cup, you get both rubies and tickets as a reward.

Connect daily

Perhaps the easiest way to get rubies. Although they are not many, you will get them without having to play, you just have to remember to connect every day


There are many challenges that will require you to complete specific goals. And among the rewards of these challenges, in addition to medals or stars, there are of course rubies. Note that there are not only regular challenges, but also gold or periodicals.

Season Awards

Every time you finish a season, don’t forget to see the gifts (bottom left) as you will almost always receive rubies as a reward.

Rubies in Mario Kart Tour – Purchase

If you are planning to buy, obviously the more you buy the better you will have:

  • 3 rubies: € 2.29
  • 10 rubies: € 6.99
  • 23 rubies: € 13.99
  • 48 rubies: € 29.99
  • 93 rubies: € 54.99
  • 135 rubies: € 74.99

An important fact when buying, is that rubies cannot be shared between different operating systems. If, for example, you buy rubies from an Android and then you want to play from an iPhone, you will see that the rubies you bought are not on your iPhone. Just buy rubies from wherever you go to play.

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