Geometry Dash Vault Codes – Robloxtool

Geometry Dash Vault Codes – Robloxtool

Geometry Dash Vault Codes

Geometry Sprint Vault Codes – All the codes you have to have to unlock benefits in The Vault, the Vault of Secrets and techniques, and also in theChamber of Time

How to Unlock Vaults?

Very first Vault: Menu > click the gear button > if the lock is grey gather 10 user coins (on the net showcased concentrations), when the lock turns yellow you can enter the vault

Vault of Strategies: On the net range monitor > if the lock is grey gather 50 diamonds (finishing quests, day by day stage, saily chests, highlighted levels…)

Chamber of Time: Total The Challenge in the Vault of strategies and open up the door > simply click on the orange lock to get a hint from ??? > go to the checklist of key stages > coming soon website page > click on on details > click on the ground, a door will surface and you will speak with the gatekeeper > invest in the Grasp Emblem from the key shop (expenses 1,000 orbs) > go back again to the coming soon webpage > click on on the door > enter the Chamber of time and locate the Orange vital in a upper body

Geometry Dash Vault Codes – The Vault

These are all the codes for The Vault

  • Lenny – Oh no… – to unlock the Lenny Icon
  • Blockbite – Decrypter – to unlock an UFO.
  • Spooky – Theif! Thief! – to unlock the Shy Dude Icon
  • Neverending – Third eye open… – to unlock an UFO
  • Mule – Revealing… – to unlock a Ship.
  • In advance – The Unseen – to unlock a spaceship seeking Wave.
  • Gandalfpotter – Incredibly clever… – to unlock the Triangle Path.
  • Sparky – Theif! – the reward is a Top secret Coin.
  • Robotop – The Not known – to unlock a robot.
  • (Your username) – Nothing is concealed – to unlock an icon with an eye
  • (*) 8-16-30-32-46-84 – Doomed us all! – to unlock the Illuminati Wave.

(*) kind 8 > click the vault keepers head > type 16 > click on the vault keepers head…… 84 > click on the vault keepers head

Geometry Sprint Vault Codes – Vault of Secrets and techniques

These are all the codes for Vault of Strategies:

  • Octocube – Sneaky Sneak – to unlock the octopus-formed Icon
  • Mind Electric power – Supreme Strength – to unlock the brain-like shape icon
  • 7 – Cant be fooled – to unlock the Finn (experience time) icon
  • thechickenisonfire – Burnt Rooster – to unlock a bathroom-water environmentally friendly color.
  • The Challenge – to unlock the Vault Keepers amount, The Obstacle
  • Gimmiethecolor – Paintbucket – to unlock the dark red color.
  • (Your selection of stars) – I can count! – to unlock an Icon
  • It is a Puzzle (solution beneath*) – Uber Hacker – to unlock an Icon
  • Glubfub (**) – Chilly as Ice – the reward is a top secret coin.

(*) To address the puzzle

  1. variety Cod3breaker and take note the 6 numbers
  2. if the quantities are 1 7 12 16 19 22, do the pursuing:
  3. 7-1=6, 12-7=5, 16-12=4, 19-16=3, and 22-19=3
  4. The resolution is 65433

(**) To fix it

  1. Communicate to the Vault keeper (2.1) till he talks about spookys
  2. Speak to the Vault keeper (2.) right until he talks about Glubfub
  3. When the text turns white all over again you can go to the previous vault (2.1) and sort Glubfub

You will only unlock some texts from the keymaster, but they are also codes:

  • Kappa
  • Robtop
  • Unicorn
  • RubRubPowah123

Geometry Dash Vault Codes – Chamber of Time

These are all the codes for Chamber of Time:

  • Volcano – Gatekeepers Vision – to unlock the Wave.
  • River – Gatekeepers Code – to unlock the dim eco-friendly coloration.
  • Silence – Gatekeepers Query – to unlock the option default Icon.
  • Darkness – Gatekeepers Riddle – to unlock the face Icon.
  • Starvation – Gatekeepers Curse – to unlock the hungry Icon

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If you have any question, you can also examine the Vault Codes videoguide from the youtuber Ghoulinity GD:

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