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We explain how to get all the achievements and trophies Gears 5, The Coalition and Microsoft game for Xbox One and PC. There are 31 in total, so it will take us a while to get everything out

There are a total of 68 achievements

Gears 5 Achievements (Full List 1/3)

First, these are the 17 bronze trophies of the game:

  • Revenge: For low with bouncing balls and Jack Barrier skill
  • For crossfire, the one next to me: For a staggering 3 enemies at a time with a Jack Flash ability campaign
  • Stand up, soldier! To revive a fallen ally in the campaign with enhanced excitement
  • Flip-flop! For electric shock 6 enemies at a time in a trap campaign
  • As it fell from the sky: For the collection of all Condors supplies (Acts 2 and 3) (see Condors)
  • Pass the soap: To go to the shower area with 3 machacacolmenas
  • Sirus Interuptus: For killing a sire while abducting a partner
  • Revenge With Advantage: To get a license with 3 active benefits (Horde)
  • Regardless: To complete a match (match) with 4 Gears level 5 allies
  • There's a friend inside me: For a new ally (Allies)
  • That was the true friendship: To achieve level 5 with an ally (Allies)
  • Seriously 5.0 – Chapter 1: To complete the camp in Madness, maps and original pers (Horde, Escape), 20 realis, gral on Tour
  • Again from above: For realistic
  • One, two, three rounds: To complete the 3 goals of the same service period
  • Condensation of limbs: Execution (Service Period)
  • Arms sergeant: For the achievement of sergeant (period of service)
  • Oh Captain! My leader! To get to the captain (period of service)
  • A miracle in general: To reach the General (Service Period)
  • My body is ready: To complete the training camp
  • I haven't come to work: To launch the rocket
  • And it's all yours: To improve Del's best friend
  • Now I have to wake up again: For help on Walk the square
  • Lots of Explosions: For Swarmak's beating in the head, for cinema

Gears 5 Achievements (Full List 2/3)

  • It is time for a confrontation: To save people from a punching worm
  • Jameson Shipping Warehouse: Finding the Way to New Hope
  • CGO technology is old-fashioned: To open the door of the CGO (Valley Kadar)
  • If you want answers, you will have them: To detect hidden installations with communication towers
  • Back to Plan A.: To end the secretary
  • Safe and sound: To secure URI satellites
  • With hair: To secure the URI rocket
  • Go on, see what happens: For mounting the URI Hammer of Alba rocket
  • The trick is to tease him! To survive the battle against the Kraken
  • We will protect each other: For the placement of the last lighthouse (Ephyra la Vieja ruins)
  • I'm not planning to go out like that, and you know it: To return to the wall of the New Ephoria
  • You discovered the real threat to the Seres: For the completion of all campaign activities
  • A more violent execution: To execute 100 discards
  • The enemy between us: To Get Down With a Pirate Pouncer, Warden, Stump and Hunter (campaign)
  • I'm looking for Jack: To Complete a Campaign Act (Jack Playback)
  • Jack found out: In order to get all the improvements Jack's Final (campaign)
  • Seraninja: For the assassination of 3 enemies with Jack's camouflage ability (campaign)
  • JACK, you would! To improve 100% skills and passives (campaign)
  • For me, for me! To get all the heavy weapons with Jack's search ability (campaign)
  • Huntreliquias: For the equipment of 3 weapons simultaneously (campaign) (see Relic Weapons)
  • Monuments of the past: For the killing of an enemy with every relic weapon (campaign) (see Relic Weapons)
  • Two is company, three is joy: To complete a campaign action (cooperative, 3 players)
  • Escape Professional: To reach the 15 character level with Mac, Lahni and Keegan

Gears 5 Achievements (Full List 3/3)

  • Who is your main escape? To get to level 15 with the Escape character
  • Teacher in my field: To Complete A Cell (Escape, But With Any Difficulty)
  • Who will you call? For the hive trio!: To complete 5 cells with Mac, Lahni and Keegan
  • Duel to death with knives: To complete a non-firing cell in the master
  • The 3 muskets: To do 9,000 damage with 3 definitive escape abilities
  • Living on the limit: To cause 100 accidents by the machacacolmenas venom dentist
  • Behavioral development: To reach level 15 with Kait, JD, Del, Marcus, Fahz and Jack
  • Who is your boss at Horde? To reach level 15 with pitch character (Horde)
  • I could stop, but I don't want to: To complete 50 waves in a row from the Horde
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle: To convert a weapon of every type into action (in the forging of the horde and with the reproducibility of Jack)
  • Withdrawal syndrome: To collect energy from the 4 sponges in a Horde wave as a team
  • I have come to an end! To assassinate a boss horde (all 5 players must have their definitive skills active)
  • Boats Boats: To Complete an Emerging Cell (Escape)
  • I've done it all: Creating and Publishing a Cell (Escape)
  • The beginning of a beautiful friendship: To play in the Arcade
  • One second, now I'm back: To change characters and eliminate who eliminated you (Arcade)
  • There are no 2 without .. Five: To win 5 arcade games
  • Pink seasons: To win a ranked race each week of a qualifying season
  • I know what my site is: To complete placement games (list of special games)
  • Everyone on the craze of the craze: To complete all the actions in the craze (campaign)
  • It's not Diogenes if things are cool: In order to get all collectibles.

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