Fortnite Breaks User Registration

Fortnite Breaks User Registration


Others said Fortnite was not at the top, but 350 million registered users said otherwise. And we’re talking about 150 million new users in the last year, a 75% increase!

Epic Games launched Fortnite on June 25, 2017 and very few would have imagined then what this wonderful game could be. Fortnite went largely unnoticed and the reviews were not good during the first 6 months of its life. Until the Epic Games, they decided to start playing Battle Royale during that year’s Christmas.

It took just three months for PUBG to become the market leader, the basic game for youtubers and a real revolution, despite the fact that whoever regrets it continues to grow today. He’s really looking for how PaVos generator for Fortnite It is at the top of the top 3 gaming currency searches, a sign that it not only has registered accounts, but also active players who are spending real money and doing Fortnite big business.

The incredible thing is that we are a month away from his third birthday and there are still those who are determined to discredit the achievements of Epic Games. It’s true that all apogee is over, games are running out and the competition is fierce, but let’s go back to the beginning: 150 million new users and 350 million total users.

Like many other Fortnite games, you’ll stand out from the crowd. But neither can we attribute all the advantages of last year to a quarantine that has affected only one month in the last 12 years, in which Epic Games has managed to almost double the number of players in their masterpiece. In fact, if the restrictions continue to lengthen, don’t let anyone be surprised if Epic Games starts targeting 500 million users, a real wild, only available to adults. To give you an idea, Candy Crush Saga started 3 years ago and has 500 million accounts and World of Warcraft is about 100 million accounts.

When we said that Fortnite is going to be stronger than the pandemic, it’s not just because people just have more time to play or watch series than they do. Epic games wanted to take advantage of the restriction to give a more social touch to the game’s star by launching Party Royale, with virtual concerts and another series of activities that seek to increase the time users spend on its platform. from the shots of the battle royale.

Again, let’s look at the numbers: DJ Marshmello’s concert in February 2019 (before the restriction) had 10 million users. But this concert followed that of Travis Scott and there are already dates for the concerts of Steve Aoki, Dillon Francis or the dead MAO5

So we do not understand how there are those who may believe that Fortnite is in low hours. Because he is no longer the king of his kind, he is beginning to compete in his spare time, even with social media. In fact, it would not be unreasonable to see a giant like Google end up making a huge offer for the Epic Games masterpiece or even for the whole Epic Games itself.

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