Fishing Simulator Fish Locations & Hotspots

Fishing Simulator Fish Locations & Hotspots

Fishing Simulator Fish locations

Fishing Simulator Fish Areas & Hotspots is a manual wherever we offer you the spot of each individual fish in the game, and the finest incredibly hot spots

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Fishing Simulator Fish – Areas

Port Jackson

In Port Jackson you can fish Trout, Butterband Fish, Bluefin Tuna and also Swordfish

  • Trout = Prevalent
  • Butterband Fish = Unusual
  • Bluefin Tuna = Uncommon
  • Swordfish = Famous


In Port Jackson you can fish Napoleon Fish, Angel Fish, Clown Fish, Marlin, Rainbow Parrot Fish and also Sunfish

  • Napoleon Fish = Common
  • Angel Fish = Uncommon
  • Clown Fish = Unusual
  • Marlin = Epic
  • Rainbow Parrot Fish = Famous
  • Sunfish = Mythic

Eruption Island

In Eruption Island you can fish Carp, Smallmouth Yellowfish, Yellow Snook, Significant Trout, Bluegill, Largemouth Bass, and also Steelhead

  • Carp = Frequent
  • Smallmouth Yellowfish = typical
  • Yellow Snook = Unusual
  • Huge Trout = Unheard of
  • Bluegill = Unusual
  • Largemouth Bass = Rare
  • Steelhead = Epic

Volcano Lava

In Volcano Lava you can fish Magma Trout, Magma Massive Mouth Bass, and also Magma Swordfish

  • Magma Trout = Widespread
  • The Magma Huge Mouth Bass = Unusual
  • Magma Swordfish = Famous

Shadow Isles

In Shadow Isles you can fish Acadian Red Fish, Tarpon, Suwanne Bass, Baracuda, and also Snapper

  • Acadian Purple Fish = Widespread
  • Tarpon = Uncommon
  • Suwanne Bass = Unusual
  • Baracuda = Epic
  • Snapper = Legendary

Mythic Cave

In Mythic Cave you can fish Mini Mahi, Shadow Swordfish, and also Blue Fish

  • Mini Mahi = Prevalent
  • Shadow Swordfish = Unusual
  • Blue Fish = Mythic

Fishing Simulator Fish – Ideal Mythic Hot Spots

In this video, RazorFishGaming, reveals us the very best Mythic Fish Hot Spots. The best spots to fish the rarest fish of the game, the Mythical Blue Fish or the Legendary Sunfish:

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