Fishing Simulator Chest Locations – Robloxtool

Fishing Simulator Chest Locations – Robloxtool

Fishing Simulator Chest locations

Fishing Simulator Upper body Areas is a manual in which we will present you all the upper body areas in the game, one of the most effective approaches to farm gold and gems

Do you want a lot more diamonds, gems and coins? Then check out the valid codes (Fishing Simulator), also take a look at the fish spots to know where by to capture every fish or the Rods tutorial

Locate chests to get gems (up to 30) or gold (up to 450), here you can look at all the present-day upper body spots

Fishing Simulator Upper body – Port Jackson

There are 5 chests in Port Jackson:

  • Finn’s store > Below the stairs
  • Deckard’s shop > 2nd flooring > at the rear of home furniture
  • Blue setting up (still left of spawn) > Within the cave powering the blue making
  • Rodney’s residence > by his bed
  • Orange dwelling > inside of a key cave in close proximity to the orange home

Fishing Simulator Chest – Eruption Island

There are 4 chests in Eruption Island:

  • Volcano > head to the best of the volcano, there is a path to get there
  • Volcano > Inside of the volcano, full the obby
  • Laba obby > the moment you reach the location with 3 ice guns, get the path to the still left of the respawn
  • Fish Vendor > inside the hut with a defend with 2 crossed spears

Fishing Simulator Chest – Shadow Isles

There are 3 chests in Shadow Isles:

  • Sharkira’s dwelling > inside
  • Sailor’s viewpoint > on the facet
  • Achieve the prime of the island with lava falling from it

Historic Island

There are 4 chests in Ancient Island:

  • Goliath’s hut > within
  • Balloon > there is a blue force plate driving the wall, close to the balloon
  • Temple entrance > Earlier mentioned the rusty door with a few lights
  • Treasure room > inside

Video Guide

You can also check out this video clip guideline from the youtuber ThatGuy, with all the upper body places in the game

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