Fifa Achievements and Trophies 20

Fifa Achievements and Trophies 20

FIFA 20 achievements and trophies

We explain how to get all the achievements and trophies of FIFA 20, EA Sports for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. There are 32 in total, so it will take us a while to get them all

Achievements and Trophies FIFA 20, the EA Sports game for the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC, are 32 in total, 12 of which are bronze, 14 are silver, 5 are gold and one is Platinum

Achievements and Trophies Fifa 20 – Bronze

First, these are the 12 bronze trophies of the game:

  • Where does he put his eye: To mark the free throw
  • Perfection exists: To complete all multiplayer skill games
  • Talento: To win a penalty without a mistake
  • Main concentration: Marking with precise filling
  • Luxury template: To win a game in Squad – FUT teams.
  • Interior design: To decorate your stadium by outfitting a Tifo or banner – Ultimate Team
  • Friends and acquaintances: To play a friendly match using an alternative rule – FUT
  • Balance champion: To create a custom tactic in the Ultimate Team
  • Master in the puzzle: To complete 10 template creation challenges in the FIFA Ultimate Team
  • Catching the trick: To claim a target group reward at FUT
  • Unstoppable: To win a championship match in Pro Club Seasons
  • The girls are warriors: To play a women's soccer match

FIFA 20 Achievements and Trophies – Silver

Second, these are the 14 silver trophies of the game:

  • This will be legendary: To get 5 legends in Volta
  • Meteoric rise: To achieve golden rank 3 in battle groups – FUT
  • Looking forward to the day: Qualify for the day of the FUT Championship
  • What a season! To claim the Reward for the season on the Ultimate Team
  • Division and conquest: To get 3 or more rankings in the Rivals – FUT category
  • You have to try everything: To play 3 Volta Soccer matches in different formations
  • But what is it? To win the Mysterious Ball or Crack Track
  • Do not go around the bush: To unlock all the skills of a skill branch
  • Another level: To complete a cup race with alternative rules in Clubs Pro
  • Development: To unlock a super class in Clubs Pro
  • More journalism: To go to a press conference before and after the game – Career Mode
  • Hard and mature. Choosing an answer from each category in the press conferences – Career
  • Define trends: To dress up 3 different games in 3 games – Career Mode
  • The legendary victory: To win the UEFA Europa League final

FIFA 20 Achievements and Trophies – Gold

Third, these are the 5 golden trophies of the game:

  • End of the road: To complete the story of Volta
  • Only one can remain: To maximize the overall rating of your avatar – Volta
  • Ace of division: To play a match in Division 4 or greater of Division Rivals – FUT
  • Club Legend: To play 200 single player games from Club – FUT
  • Historical moment: To win the UEFA Champions League final


Ultimately this is the only Platinum Trophy in the game:

  • Platinum ball: To get all the previous trophies

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