Fallout Shelter Online Tier List – Best Characters

Fallout Shelter Online Tier List – Best Characters

Fallout Shelter Online Tier List best characters

Wellcome to the unofficial Fallout Shelter Online Tier Record, the most effective People ranked from Tier S to Tier D, with info about their perks and roles

Tier S – The Greatest Characters

The best of the best, attempt to concentrate on these Tier S characters, heroes or dwellers, because they are actually overpowered:

  • Danse (SSR – Function – Attacker) – Benefits: Extended Ranged assaults, Will increase Harm and also Phy Assault
  • Sarah (SSR – Purpose – Assistance) – Benefits: Mid Ranged PHY attacks, AoE Hurt, will increase allies Destruction and also lessens ememies strength & phy resistance
  • Father (SSR – Part – Healer) – Perks: Mid Ranged assaults, Electrical power Assault and also AoE healing (allies)
  • Dr Zimmer (SSR – Job – Attacker) – Benefits: Long Ranged PHY attacks, Bleeding influence and also Lifesteal
  • Nick (SSR – Job – Support) – Benefits: Vitality assaults, Freezes enemies, AoE assaults and also will increase max hp & def
  • Kellogg (SSR – Part – Assist) – Perks: Electricity attacks, AoE assaults, minimizes enemies injury and also will increase allies protection
  • Mother Isolde (SSR – Part – Attacker) – Benefits: Strength attacks, decreases goal healing and also very long ranged assaults
  • Piper (SR – Role – Guidance) – Benefits: Increases damage, attack speed and also lifestyle steal of his allies

Fallout Shelter On the web Tier Checklist – Tier A

Not as good as Tier S people, heroes or dwellers but however terrific choices and evidently overpowered

  • Maxson (SSR – Function – Attacker) – Benefits: Strength assaults, Burn Hurt, AoE attacks and also improves allies Hurt
  • Antagonizer (SSR – Position – Tank) – Perks: Phy & Melee attacks, Shield, Boosts def and also minimizes enemies def
  • Madison (SR – Function – Healer) – Benefits: AoE Therapeutic, Power assaults, and also Dispels radiation
  • Cait (SR – Position – Tank) – Perks: Stun, Phy attack, and also restores hp

Fallout Shelter On-line Tier Checklist – Tier B

Tier B are common people, heroes or dwellers, so up to you

  • Powerful (SSR – Function – Tank) – Benefits: Phy assaults, AoE Problems, recovers HP
  • Cade (SR – Purpose – Healer) – Perks: Dispel radiation, electrical power attacks, improves member’s ap
  • Amari (SR)
  • Tara (SR)
  • Father Clifford (SR)
  • Magnolia (SR)

Fallout Shelter On the internet Tier Listing – Tier C

Tier C are below the average characters, heroes or dwellers, so attempt to stay away from them

  • Alien (SR)
  • Ingram (SR)
  • Z2-47 (SR)
  • Curie (SR)
  • Zeke (SR)
  • Pass up Bobbie (SR)
  • Kells (SR)

Tier D – The Worst Figures

Tier D are the worst figures, heroes or dwellers of the game, really do not squander your time with them

  • Jack (SR)
  • Tom (SR)
  • XPN-20A (SR)
  • Cross (SR)
  • Deacon (SR)

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