Driver and Cheats Zooba Zoo Battle Arena

Driver and Cheats Zooba Zoo Battle Arena

Driver and scammer Zooba Zoo Battle Arena

Welcome to our guide and tricks Zooba Zoo Battle Arena, the game for wild animals Android and iOS that combines MOBA and Battle Royale

Zooba Driver and Cheats Zoo Battle Arena – How to play?

It’s a fighting game, so the engineers look a lot like PUBG Mobile or Fortnite. Anything that won’t surprise you, you need to be quick at first and stock up on weapons, shields and treatments. From there, the latter wins, the first goal is to survive long enough, but of course the more enemies you eliminate along the way, the easier it will be to win.

In any case, the mechanisms of battle royale are not very complicated and it will not be difficult for you to learn them. So we will deal with more interesting aspects:

Driver and scammer Zooba Zoo Battle Arena – Characters

There are currently 10 characters in the game: Molly, Larry, Bruce, Nix, Shelly, Pepper, Ollie, Duke, Frosty Strafer and Finn, and you should know this about them:

Passive and Active Skills

All characters have passive and active abilities. The passive ones are executed through the partner, while the active ones are used by pressing the attack button at the bottom right.

The active one, for example, Molly is the double jump, an avoidance skill. But each character has its own, so check them out of the character sheet.


Each character has different values:

  • Health – Reservoir: Life or ability to harm before you die
  • Damage – Aggressive: Note that it is not always more damage means higher DPS (Damage per second)
  • Agility – Assassin: The mobility of the character on the battlefield
  • Range: Distance from which you can attack.

And by improving each character, you will increase all their statistics.

How to improve the characters?

You need copies or copies of the same character and you will receive duplicate or new characters by opening chests. Even the rewards, or the character you will receive from the boxes, depend on the league in which you play:

Zooba Zoo Battle Arena Cheats & Tips – League Rewards

  • 1 League – 650 trophies: Nix, Bruce, Moly, Holy Sandals, Cluster Bomb and also Nitro Shotgun
  • 2 League – 100 trophies: Larry, Shelly, Happy Treats, Adrenaline Shot and Nitro Bow
  • 3 League – 250 trophies: Pepper, Snorkel and Nitro Spear
  • 4 League – 350 trophies: Ollie and jungle shoes
  • 5 League – 450 trophies: Duke, Knockback Bomb and also fire
  • 6 League – 550 Trophies: Fuzzy and Knockback Spear
  • 7 League – 650 Trophies: Finny and Helium Canister

Driver and Cheats Zooba Zoo Battle Arena – Coins and precious stones

Get coins

From battle chests, championship rewards, daily challenges, mastery reward or completion of missions

Coins are good for everyday challenges and character upgrades

Get precious stones

View announcements, championship rewards, mastery rewards and completion of missions

Precious stones are used to open breasts in the store


  • Mastery: Gain knowledge with all the characters, just for the rewards they deserve. And what better way to dominate the game than to dominate all the characters.
  • Piggy Bank: Once you get the gems and open it, you will earn a lot more gems than you spent.
  • Ads: Getting gems by watching ads is almost a must.

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