Dragalia Lost Best Dragons – Tier List

Dragalia Lost Best Dragons – Tier List

Dragalia Lost Best Dragons

In the Dragalia Shed Ideal Dragons Tier Checklist you will find the best dragons of every single elemental in the game rated by tier.

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Dragalia Lost Best Dragons – Tier 1

These are the Heavyweights among the the Dragons in Dragalia Dropped. Tough to get, but the finest choice without the need of any doubt if you want to focuss in winning and improving upon your crew as rapidly as you can

  • Fire: Agni, Cerberus and also Phoenix
  • H2o: Leviathan
  • Wind: Zephyr
  • Mild: None
  • Darkness: None

Notice: Fire and h2o are the finest dragon´s elementals.

Dragalia Misplaced Best Dragons – Tier 2

The tier 2´s are also wonderful alternatives, so dont misprize any of these dragons:

  • Hearth: Naveed, Ezelith and also Verica
  • Water: Xainfried, Karina and also Orsem
  • Wind: Louise, Musashi and also Lowen
  • Light-weight: Julietta
  • Darkness: Nidhogg and also Juggernaut

Be aware that there are not tier 1´s dragons with the Gentle or Darkness elementals.

Dragalia Lost Ideal Dragons – Tier 3

The tier 3´s dragons are pretty very good, but with some weaknesses. So you can use them if you dont have much better types, but test to swap them as before long as you can:

  • Fire: Brunhilda
  • H2o: Poliahu
  • Wind: None
  • Light: None
  • Darkness: Silke and also Zodiark

Dragalia Misplaced Best Dragons – Tier 4

In this tier you will locate a whole lot of dragons. But none o them is worthwile. So dont devote time and attempts with them and modify them as quickly as you can

  • Hearth: Homura
  • H2o: Fubuki
  • Wind: Midgardsormr, Tsumuji, Stribog and also Zephyr Imp
  • Gentle: Astral Imp, Hinata, Jupiter and also Unicorn
  • Darkness: Hikage

Dragalia Missing Ideal Dragons – Tier 5 & 6

If you are seeking for dragons that you dont come across in the prior tiers is because they belong to the Tier 5 or Tier 6. All the dragons in these two tiers have to significantly weaknesses to consist of them in a crew. So except if the precise meta adjustments, are dragons to steer clear of

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