Dragalia Lost Best Adventurer – Tier List

Dragalia Lost Best Adventurer – Tier List

In the Dragalia Missing Best Adventurer Tier List you will locate the very best adventurers of every elemental in the game ranked by tier.

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Dragalia Misplaced Most effective Adventurer – Tier 1

The ideal Dragalia Lost´s Adventurer according to their component. If you are only cared about profitable you need to have these adventurers in your crew:

  • Fireplace: Mikoto
  • Drinking water: Lily and also Xander
  • Wind: Maribelle
  • Gentle: Hildegarde and also H. Elisanne
  • Darkness: None

Dragalia Misplaced Finest Adventurer – Tier 2

They are not as fantastic as the tier 1´s adventurer, but they are nonetheless actually fantastic kinds. If you have them in your crew will be most of the moments a fantastic selection:

  • Fireplace: Naveed, Ezelith and also Verica
  • Drinking water: Xainfried, Karina and also Orsem
  • Wind: Louise, Musashi and also Lowen
  • Mild: Julietta
  • Darkness: Kleimann and also Orion

(Be informed that in the true meta the Darkness elemental is the weakest)

Dragalia Misplaced Best Adventurer – Tier 3

The Tier 3´s Adventurer have some weaknesses, but however a lot to offer you. Potential adjustments in the meta might allow for them to move up to a larger tier.

  • Hearth: Vanessa, Karl, Euden, Sinoa, Melsa and also Aoi
  • Water: Elisanne, Celliera and also Luther
  • Wind: Hawk, Eleonora and also Aeeleen
  • Light: Amane
  • Darkness: Nefaria and also Zace

Dragalia Dropped Ideal Adventurer – Tier 4

You can use these tier 4´s adventurers in your group but dont expect to a lot about them, and try to replace them by a larger tier adventurer as before long as you can:

  • Fire: Xania
  • Water: Ricardt
  • Wind: Melody
  • Mild: H. Althemia, Ryozen, Linus and also H. Edward
  • Darkness: Cleo, Althemia, Edward, Rodrigo, Vida and also Vice

Dragalia Shed Most effective Adventurer – Tier 5 & 6

Try to avoid the rest of the adventurers, at least untill the meta modifications. Probably you can obtain sinergies in extremely specific instances. But in basic conditions, none of them are worthwile.

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