Here you will find it solution to all of Deadpool’s weekly challenges in Fortnite season 2, with detailed descriptions and also the rewards you can receive.

One of the innovations of Fortnite season 2 for this chapter 2 is the inclusion of weekly deadpool character challenges, some challenges are only for those users who have bought the pass of the season.

Thanks to them Deadpool Challenges in Fortnite Season 2 we will be able to customize the appearance of this character and also receive many other rewards, and we will do so by going beyond the weekly missions which are usually quite simple but very varied.

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Deadpool in Fortnite Season 2: How to Complete All Weekly Challenges and Rewards

The only condition to be able to participate in these weekly Deadpool challenges in season 2 is to have the paid battle pass.

Where to find Deadpool weekly shipments

To find Deadpool’s weekly missions, you need to go to the battle battle tab of the menu, and when in the lobby look for the opening in the center right of the screen.

Find the letter Deadpool for Epic Games Fortnite

Once we enter the air duct, we will find ourselves inside the supposed headquarters of Deadpool, which is a convertible and quite chaotic bathroom, where we will have to specifically locate the computer above the sink in the right area of ​​the screen.

On the aforementioned computer, we will have the predisposition of all the weekly shipments that will unlock every Friday at 3:00 p.m. Spanish peninsula.

Rewards for meeting these challenges

We are talking about cosmetic rewards such as:

  • Banner
  • Graffiti
  • Feelings
  • Collection tools
  • Others

Solution to all Deadpool challenges in Fortnite season 2

We will keep up to date with all the new challenges that are activated every week. The following are currently available …

Deadpool Week 9 Challenges

Deadpool’s two challenges of Week 9 are as follows:

  • Find Deadpool shorts
  • Say hello to Deadpool pants

Where are the Deadpool shorts in Fortnite?

As usual with the first Deadpool Challenge mission, the underwear is hidden instead of the headquarters that we access through the various menus and tabs in the lobby.

This time, Deadpool’s underpants are in Midas’s room, in the chair to the left of the agent, in the armrest. He has no loss …

where are the Deapool shorts in week 9

Hello in Deadpool pants at Fortnite – location

For this second mission we have to enter a game in normal mode and find these pants that act as a flag at a specific location on the map.

Fortnite deadpool week 9

We need to go to one of the roofs of a specific building in Burning Sands, right in the building we show you in the screenshot below:

Fortnite deadpool week 9

Once we arrive, we just have to interact with these pants that serve as a flag:

Fortnite deadpool week 9

As a reward, we will receive the X-Force style for Deadpool skin.

Deadpool X-Force Fortnite

Deadpool Week 8 Challenges

These are the two The Dead 8 week challenges at Fortnite:

  • Find the Deadpool carpet
  • Dance at the Deadpool Yacht Party

Solution find the Deadpool mat

As usual in the first of Deadpool’s challenges, we must find an object located on the premises of our headquarters.

This time, the carpet (actually, floats) is not leaking and is in the agency room, in Skye’s room, bottom right.

The solution is dancing at the Deadpool yacht party

It is not complicated either. You just have to go to the Deadpool yacht, which until now was the Miaúsculos yacht (which you can now find crying in the factory box because the boat was taken from him). In case you do not know where the boat is, we will indicate it on the map below … although at this point in the season there is no loss.

Deadpool Fortnite Yacht Party Map

Once you reach the boat, you just have to go inside and on the ground floor you will see the track. Use any of your dance emotes and you will have passed the dance challenge at the yacht party. Easy, right?

Dance at the Deadpool Fortnite yacht party

When you complete the second goal and complete the game, you will have unlocked the alternate leather or Deadpool costume without a mask.

Deadpool suit without Fortnite mask

Week 7 Deadpool Challenges

These are the two Deadpool Week 7 at Fortnite:

  • Find the two Deadpool weapons
  • Enter a telephone booth or portable toilet to become the best superhero

Find the two Deadpool weapons – Deadpool Week 7 Challenge Site

As usual in the first of the challenges, we have to find a series of items that are in our headquarters.

Have a gun in the lobby of the headquarters, at the bottom right of the table, near Miaúsculos.

Deadpool Week 7 Fortnite

You have another weapon in the Miaúsculos agent room located in the lower right of the screen next to the dumbbells.

Deadpool Week 7 Fortnite

Solution enter a phone booth or a portable toilet to become the best superhero

It’s as easy as going to a game in normal mode and getting into any phone booth or portable toilet we see on the map.

There are many telephone booths and portable toilets, in each case we give you the place of all that we found:

Deadpool Week 7 Fortnite

Once you have overcome these two simple challenges, when you leave a phone booth or a portable bathroom, you will have Deadpool skin equipped and it will be there for you forever. Remember that Deadpool challenges do not end here and next week there will be two new challenges to unlock the alternate style (Deadpool without mask).

Challenges Week 6 Deadpool

    Specifically, these are the two challenges of Deadpool 6 at Fortnite:

    • Find the Black Deadpool marker
    • View Ghost or Shadow Posters (3)

    Solution: Find the Deadpool black marker

    As has been the case in recent weeks with Chimichangas, katanas or stuffed unicorns, Deadpool’s big black marker will be at home. This time, this black marker is available in Brutus’s office room. He has no loss.

    Black marker Deadpool Fortnite location

    Solution: Deface the Ghost or Shadow Posters (3)

    There are tons of Shadow and Specter recruitment posters all over the Fortnite map and you can get over it in both normal mode and Team Brawl. The appearance of Wraith recruitment posters is as follows:


    While Sombra recruitment posters look like this:


    As there are many, we show you the Shadow posters in black on the map, while the Spectrum posters show you in blue:


    Deadpool Week 5 Challenges

    • Find the stuffed Deadpool unicorn
    • Visit the red, yellow, green, blue and purple steel bridge (5)

    Solution: find the stuffed Deadpool unicorn

    As with katanas or chimichangas, Deadpool’s stuffed unicorn is at home. Specifically, you have to go to the new Miaúsculos agent room that has just been added and you will find the stuffed unicorn at the bottom left, under the weights. If the challenges of week five do not appear, this may be due to the fact that you still have a pending from the previous weeks …

    where is season 2 of Unicorn Plush Deadpool Fortnite

    Solution: visit the red, yellow, green, blue and purple steel bridge

    Deadpool Fortnite Week 5

    It is as easy as the solo, and the visit to the five steel bridges. The location of the bridges is on the following map:

    Deadpool Fortnite Week 5

    Challenges Week 4 Deadpool

    • Find Deadpool katanas
    • Dealing with damage to opponent structures (10,000)

    Find Deadpool katanas in Fortnite season 2

    The katanas are located inside the headquarters and, as always, you must first log in to the Deadpool computer to activate the challenge.

    Deadpool Katanas in Fortnite Season 2 – Location 1

    Very simple. Just above the Deadpool computer you will find it, nailed to the wall. Interact with her and you already have the first one.

    Katanas Deadpool Fortnite

    Deadpool Katanas in Fortnite Season 2 – Location 2

    Equally easy, go to Maya’s room, customizable skin (in the battle menu, top right) and look down to the left of the arsenal. There you will find the second deadpool katana and you will face the challenge.

    Katanas Deadpool Fortnite

    Dealing with damage to enemy structures (10,000 points)

    It’s a challenge you can of course run all these days, but if you explicitly want to overcome it you could do it in Team Fight and you will see that in the last round of battle the enemies place hundreds of structures that you can dedicate to destroy to overcome the challenge.

    Deadpool Week 3 Challenges

    • Find the Deadpool toilet plunger
    • Destroy the toilets (3)

    Where is the Deadpool toilet plunger?

    Deadpool Fortnite toilet plunger

    Deadpool bath plunger is located in the battle battle menu, in the agent room and more specifically in the TNTina section. If you look at the wall to the right, you will see it peeking. Select it, tap interaction and it is at your disposal, unlocking Deadpool’s second challenge, though to find out which one to go to the computer.

    Where are the toilets to destroy them

    The second challenge invites us to destroy three toilets, And as you can imagine we have to go to some area of ​​the map with several houses, where there will be more chances to find a bathroom with toilet or toilet like the one shown in the picture below.

    Fortnite toilets

    It is as easy as going to any area of ​​the map with houses and all kinds of buildings and finding the toilet.

    Deadpool Week 2 Challenges

    • Find the Deadpool milk carton
    • Find Deadpool chimeras around HQ (3)

    Find the Deadpool milk carton

    Remember that Deadpool’s secret seat is accessible through the lobby, especially on the ventilation shaft in the center right of the screen.

    Deadpool milk carton at Fortnite

    Deadpool milk box It is located above the toilet on the left side, on the wall.

    Find Deadpool chimeras around HQ (3)

    In total we have three chimichangas at headquarters:

    You have one under the table in the lobby of the chair, easily visible.


    Have another chimichanga in the room to fit the Maya (upper right corner of the Battle Pass lobby) to the center shelf at the bottom.


    His third and last chimichangas from deadpool you have it in the “agents” room in Brutus’ room, on the right, in the office.


    Deadpool Week Challenges 1

    • Find Deadpool’s letter for Epic Games
    • Do not thank the bus driver for your next game

    Find Deadpool’s letter for Epic Games

    In fact it is very easy to find the letter of Deadpool and all we have to do is go to the battle passage tab to enter our secret base / lobby and see the ventilation duct located in the center right of the screen .

    Find the letter Deadpool for Epic Games Fortnite

    Once we have access to the ventilation shaft, we will enter a kind of secret seat of Deadpool. In these secret barracks, where you see that it is a bathroom with a computer and a multitude of rolls of toilet paper on the floor, we have many aspects to highlight.

    On the one hand we have the computer, where on access we will have the weekly Deadpool challenges. In week 1 we call to “find Deadpool letter for Epic Games” and as a second challenge, “do not thank the bus driver”.

    Find the letter Deadpool for Epic Games Fortnite

    Well, Deadpool letter for Epic Games is in this same room and you have to find it right at the bottom left.

    Deadpool Fortnite Card

    Click on the letter and you will see a drawing of the Deadpool battle bus, as well as some paragraphs. Once you find it and read it, you will have already achieved this first goal.

    Find the letter Deadpool for Epic Games Fortnite

    Do not thank the bus driver for your next game

    The statement is quite clear and in some of your games you should not greet the battle bus driver, with whom you will overcome this challenge of course.

    With that you already have it solution to all Deadpool challenges in Fortnite season 2and thanks to them we will be able to receive many rewards for this new skin.

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