Crossy Road Characters – Secret & Unlock

Crossy Road Characters – Secret & Unlock

Crossy Road Characters secret unlock

Welcome to the Crossy Highway Figures Information, we will display you all the Secret figures, and we will describe you hou to Unlock them all

You can also examine the Top secret People guideline for Disney Crossy Highway

Crossy Highway Figures I

  • Hipster Whale: Obtain him in a river and Leap on him
  • Totem: Engage in as Monument Valley and Find it in a river
  • Purple Bloop: Engage in as Grablin and defeat a character increased than degree 35
  • Cat Woman: Play as Cat and take in 9 yellow fish (grass)
  • Ideal in Demonstrate: Perform as Pet and try to eat 15 bowls of pet dog food stuff.
  • Andy Solar: Play as Mallard and score 85% or bigger than your current large rating, get the Wonderful Rating
  • Ben Weatherall: Engage in as Dark Lord and score 85% or higher than your present-day high rating, get the Good Score
  • Matt Hall: Enjoy as Fortunate Cat and rating 85% or larger than your latest higher score, get the Fantastic Score
  • Ace: Enjoy as Rocky and get 50 burguers and get the Wonderful Score
  • Michael Boom: crash into the rocket truck

Crossy Road Characters I

  • Halfling: Play as a New Zealand character and accumulate as numerous gold rings as you can
  • Fall Bear: Perform as a Australian character and get close to the Fall Bear (tree)
  • Crab: More than 49 aspect step and additional than 40 rating
  • Cai Shen: Engage in as Fortune Chicken and get 20 minor purple envelopes
  • Chinese Monster: Play as New Year’s Doll and get it
  • Mobile phone Box: Play as a British character and get over 100 details
  • Nessie: Engage in as a British character and soar on it (river)
  • Leprechaun: Engage in as a British character and get 4 leaf clover (1 run)
  • Pro Gamer: Enjoy as a Korean character and get much more than 40 getting speedy.
  • Coconut Drinking water: Participate in as Vacationer (Brazil) and get 10 coconut cocktails (1 operate)

Crossy Street Figures III

  • Inky: Perform as Pac-Male and rating 2,500 or more (Pac-Guy Game Manner)
  • Blinky: Enjoy as Pac-Hen and get crushed by Pac-Person
  • Pinky: Play as Pac-Hen and discover and gobble a pair of pixel artwork cherries
  • Clyde: Enjoy as Pac-Guy get a electricity pellet, and consume at the very least 7 ghosts
  • Princess of All Cosmos: Participate in as Prince of all Cosmos and roll up a good deal of goods into your Katamari ball
  • Queen of All Cosmos: Engage in as King of all Cosmos turninto rainbows untill you get it
  • Gingerbread Person: Perform as Wolf and run into him
  • Clown: Participate in as Hand and get 30 coins
  • Rugby Participant: Participate in as a British character and locate the rugby ball (tree)
  • Gifty: Perform as a Festive Hen, hop alongside untill you close in the Christmas tree, last but not least die
  • Yeti: Play as a Festive Character and get hit by a snowball (yeti)

Secret Figures IV and how to unlock them

  • Seal: Participate in as Polar Bear and finish the 5 artic missions
  • Iceberg: dunk the Puffin, Dropped Penguin, Arctic Hare, Arctic Fox, Lemming, Narwhal, Wolverine, Walrus, Polar Bear, and also the Slippy Penguin
  • Bones: Perform as Paleontologist and get all the dino bones (grass)
  • Moon Rock: Engage in as a Room character and get strike by a person rock (Meteor)
  • Space Walker: Perform as Room mascot and leap on the Hipster Whale
  • Robot Dog: Engage in as Place character and come across the yellow alien
  • Merlady: Enjoy as any character, but not an ocean one, cross a river , jump back again two logs and drop off
  • Angler Fish: Participate in as an ocean character, cross a river , jump back two logs and slide off
  • Waffles: Play as Piffle and obtain him
  • Pineapple: Run into the foods truck of Pineapple (top rated)
  • Piffle Ball: Perform as Piffle character, and get all the goods on the ground
  • Marmalade: Participate in as Piffle character, and get 1 donut, 1 floppy disk, 1 sock, 1 dice, and also 1 ball in 1 run

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