Amazon Free Shipping Code No Minimum Order May 2017

Amazon is really a great place to buy almost everything with trust. It always gives highest priority to customers & believes in providing excellent service. United states, Canada & UK residents get fastest shipping being a tier 1 or developed country. Usually amazon doesn’t charge for shipping on orders that are above $100 or more. But if you are gonna buy low priced products then shipping cost really sucks. So we are here to sort out this problem..


Amazon Free Shipping Coupon Code 2017

Code Offer
NA Buy items worth $49 or more to get free shipping
No coupon Purchase books worth $25 to waive off delivery charges
Know more Opt for Amazon prime to get free shipping on no minimum order. Applicable on eligible items only.

Things you need to know

In case of eligible books, you get free delivery on order of $25 or more. For physical products, it is mandatory to make cart amount $49 or above. But there are few exceptions too. Some sellers still charge extra for shipping even if order is worth few hundred dollars. In this case, you can opt for other sellers which provide free home delivery.

5 Best Fidget Spinners Under $25 : Stress & Anxiety Reliever

In this post I will be talking about the best fidget spinners on Amazon which are available under $25. Fidget spinners came into limelight in 2017. Before that people were using stress relieving cube, chain fidgets & hand balls for relaxation. Whatever may be your profession,  stress is irrefutable and we have to find some ways to relieve it otherwise it becomes the root of several diseases.

What is Fidget Spinner?

You won’t believe, but it was first invented in 1997 by Hettinger. Since it was patented, not many companies attempted to manufacture their own fidget spinners and that’s why this peculiar toy remained undiscovered for decades. According to sources, this patent has expired and so the various brands have started producing fancy fidget spinners lately. It essentially consist of 3 equally spaced vanes and bearing in the centre. Some of them have separate bearings at the end of each vane. This gives 4 rotational axis and you can use any of them according to your comfort.

Why to use Fidget Spinner?

  • Pleasure & entertainment : It can be used as a general toy by kids as well as adults. It’s probably the newest, coolest & most exciting toy available in the market right now.
  • Anxiety relief : Feeling of nervousness and extreme eager can be harmful. Many kids often shake their hands, put pencil in mouth and the symptoms are countless. Fidget spinner can be best medicine on the anxiety problems.
  • Quit smoking : People usually feel uncomfortable when they stop taking drugs. This is absolutely normal and one can easily come over this problem by taking proper medicines. But if you want to go natural, then just buy any cheap fidget spinner & get rid of the addiction right away.
  • Concentration : Prolonged usage of fidget spinner reduces stress / anxiety which obviously helps you in focussing your mind.
  • Kill time : We all get bore at appointments, hospitals or any situation where we have to wait for long time. If you are stuck in any such circumstances then its good idea to pass the time with this fidget spinner.

Top 5 Best Fidget Spinners on Amazon Under $25

Here we go!

Chillax Spinner for Anxiety & ADHD

budget fidget spinnerWhen you purchase this Chillax (Chill + Relax…Haha!) fidget spinner you are guaranteed to get at least 2 minutes of spin time. Those who have bought this toy even claim to have 4+ minutes of spin time. After looking at its pictures, you will recognize that this spinner actually glows, but unfortunately it doesn’t! However, there is a method to make it glow. Chillax has given a cool wrist band in the package which has radium incorporated on it. So when you keep that band in bright light for sometime & then wrap it over the spinner, you get to enjoy the shining spinner.

Seller assert that this spinner uses 608 bearings but according to buyers it actually has r188 bearings. I don’t think this is the right place to talk more on this thing but still I want to make it clear for you all. 608 Bearing comes with 22 mm outer diameter whereas r188 has just 12.7 dia and it is proven fact that small diameter bearing offers more spin time compared to larger diameter. In case if you want to replace, you can buy this r188 bearings separately from Amazon which costs around $5-$7.

Chillax has got really responsive customer care. No matter how negligible your issue is, they simply give you a replacement without asking a single question. Considering all these facts, this is probably the best fidget spinner available right now on Amazon.

Special Promotion : Use promo code BUY4CHIL at checkout and get flat 15% discount on your order!

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Colovis Tri Hand Fidget Spinner

cheap fidget spinnerThis spinner is made from ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) which is basically a polymer having good strength. If by mistake you drop this fidget while playing, it will not break that easily. Colovis claims that this toy will spin for more than 4 minutes if given a full force. For optimum performance, we advise you to clean bearings frequently as it can drastically improve the spinning time.

The thing I liked most about this product is it doesn’t make any noise while rotating. It is portable & easily fits into pocket. Kids will have to use their both hands for rotating but the adults can handle it with just a single hand. It has 2 caps which fits on the bearings from both sides. You can remove them to clean bearings or simply use the fidget spinner without inserting any caps. When you buy it, you don’t need to worry about oil leakage because Colovis has intelligently sealed everything properly. Since the ceramic bearings are press fitted, maybe you can replace them afterwards but I’m not fully sure about it.

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Kozodo Co X6 Tri Spinner

best fidget spinner in usaAfter the massive success of X7 series, Kozodo has launched X6 fidget spinner which is relatively smaller than any other spinners. To be precise, X6 model has 6.5 cm diameter which is almost 1 cm less than the products in similar category. It is always good to go with small sized fidget as they ensure more spinning time (in most of the cases). It has Si3N4 (silicon nitride) ceramic bearings which offer minimum resistance to motion giving you 2-3 minutes of spinning. It does makes sound but very negligible and you can’t call it as a noise.

It is more durable as the process used for manufacturing is injection moulding. Always think twice before ordering any fidget spinner made from 3D printing technology as they lack strength & rigidity. After constant fidgeting, your thumb might smell because of the plastic cap but that won’t last long. Being small in size, this Kozodo spinner can be used by 4 years child as well as adults without any issues.

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Q Comfort Zone Non 3D Printed Spinner

where to buy best fidget spinnerIt comes in white & red color combination which looks pretty sturdy & parents can think about it for gifting it to their children. Made of ABS plastic & Si3N4 bearing this Q comfort spinner is light weight & absolutely smooth in operation.

Inside the box, you will get white frame & 4 bearings. Central bearing is necessary to fit while rest 3 can be adjusted as per your convenience. White part is made of plastic while the red part is made of hard rubber. If by chance any of the bearing is popping out, simply put some glue inside the cavity and insert the bearing again.

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YoMaxer Fidget Toy

under 10 dollarsThis one is probably the best & cheapest fidget spinner toy under $10. Most of the Si3N4 bearings integrated spinners are often costly and they are priced above $15 but veritably YoMaxer is an exception . Don’t get fooled by its cheap price, it does exactly what $20 spinners can do.

Moreover it looks sturdy & comes in variety of colors – apple green, red, pink, black & cream white. Most of the users who bought this toy claims that this spinner smoothly spins for more than 2 minutes. It might create unnoticable whispering sound but this issue can be fixed easily by using WD40 lubricant.

Want the best fidget spinner for less than $10, then just go with YoMaxer. I’m sure, you will be more than happy after buying this awesome toy.

buy fidget spinner online

Things to Consider While Choosing Best Fidget Spinner

amazon fidget spinner

Fidget spinners with steel bearings are not at all recommended as they have very very short spinning time due to high friction. These type of devices are often priced below $2-$3.

Spinners with Zirconium Oxide bearings are comparatively better than steel as they offer 60-80 seconds spinning time. They are more durable & don’t break easily after dropping from small height. Average price of such spinners is around $8-$10. If you are on tight budget, then this should be your choice.

If you are looking for the best & top most quality fidget spinner then there is no other better option than Silicon Nitride. This material is 60% lighter & 120% harder than steel. Its thermal coefficient of expansion is just 2.9 which ensures faster heat dissipation & gives you longest spinning time (more than 180 seconds).

Type of Material Used

Fidget spinners can be plastic made or metal made. Plastic spinners are prone to damage after several drops but they give more spins due to lesser weight. Contrary to this, metal spinners are strong, heavy duty & costly at the same time.

Technology Used for Manufacturing

Fidget spinners are manufactured mainly using 2 techniques :

  1. Injection moulding
  2. 3D printing

Always go with injection moulded spinners as they are more durable than those manufactured using 3D printing.

Materials Used For Bearing

Almost all fidget spinners consist of standard ball bearing but again there are 2 main types :

  1. Metal bearings : Strong, long lasting but as metals are good conductor of heat they dissipate the heat inside bearing affecting its spin time.
  2. Ceramic bearing : They minimize heat dissipation & offer less friction to motion hence are ideal for good fidget spinners.

Before making a final call, thoroughly go through all the points mentioned above and then select the one which perfectly suits your budget. Enjoy folks!

Amazon Prime Membership Promo Code : 10 Dollars Off Coupon

If you shop a lot from Amazon then prime membership is something you should consider for saving handsome amount of money.  Also you get free and faster shipping after opting for this prime subscription. There are millions of products which qualifies for 2 hour, same day or 2 day delivery.

If you have already enrolled, then here we are going to present latest amazon prime membership promo codes for March 2017. These deals are only available for prime customers and they can fetch you upto 70% discount on regular priced items.

10 dollar discount

Amazon Prime Coupon Code 2017

Code Offer
NA Gift 1 year prime membership for just $99
Refer Invite friends to prime & get $5 off on next purchase
10PRIMENOW $10 off on first order
NA Unlimited music at $7.99 per month

Copper Chef Promo Code 2017 : Save $15 on Cookware

Every copper chef comes with non stick coating which proves very helpful while cooking. Beside utensils, Copper chef also sells rice cooker, micro knives & slicers. So, basically there are 3 packages which are really affordable & of course there is no compromise at all in quality. 6 In 1 pan includes rice cooker, frying pan, roasting pan, baking dish & stock pot. Second package comes with 5 pans and all of them have heat resistance capacity of upto 850 degrees.

If you are looking for some discounts, then just use the coupon codes shown below.


Copper Chef Promo Code 2017

Coupon Details
NA Upto 30% discount on copper chef at amazon
WELCOME15 Instant 15% discount on first order
No Promo Code Save up to $100 on utensils at Walmart
See Sale Get up to $15 discount at JCPenny

The 11 inch Casserole pan introduced by CopperChef has some singular features. 5 Layered construction makes the pan capable of withstanding upto 850 degree temperature without breakdown. Its riveted handles are heat resistant and oven safe. Base of the pan is made of steel as a result it heats up quickly and can sustain it for longer period. It is integrated with double top layer which makes pan nonstick, thus you can cook any food without adding much oil and butter.

Another piece of marvel made by copper chef is none other than an induction cooktop. Along with 5 cooking preset buttons, it has a digital screen which displays real time temperature and the cook duration. The temperature can be varied manually between 100-500 Fahrenheit using dedicated touch screen arrows.

20% Off Sayings Into Things Discount Code & Coupons 2019

Sayings Into Things online store is based on cool concept that no one ever thought of. They sell bracelets embossed with traditional as well as trending quotes. If you’re planning to grab one for yourself and looking for the discounts, then we are here to help you. At least we’ll try our best!

So today we are going to publish the deals and discount codes for Sayings Into Things store. Let’s get started!


Free Shipping Offer

No promo code required. Just shop for $50 or more to get automatic free delivery on your order.

Upto 20% Discount (Sayings into things alternative)

Deal page : Visit the link to get upto 20% off on exact same. You may get upto $7-$8 off on almost same bracelet, so just check em out.

We’ll add a new coupon if we get one! Till then stay tuned.

Top 5 iPhone 11 Promo Code & Coupons September 2019

So today we are going to talk what are the best promo codes to save money while buying your brand new iPhone 11 and its other variants. iPhone 11 boasts huge improvement in camera quality and battery life over all other iphones launched till date. If you’ve made your mind to purchase this monster, then let’s now take a quick look at the best deals on iPhone 11 available right now in the online market!

Already Have an iPhone? Then Get upto $600 Discount!

Well, let me first apologize for clickbaiting! Of course you can get $600 discount but for that one has to have an iPhone XS in good working condition. For rest of the models, you will get like $40 to $500 discount. Where? At Apple’s official website. You don’t really need any promo code that. Just select ‘trade-in’ option and you will get the list of models from which you can choose yours and see how much discount you’re gonna get.

iphone 11 promo code

Exciting Offers from Network Operators

Popular network providers such as AT&T & Verizon Wireless and giving free rewards worth $300 and upto $500 off on exchanges on iPhone 11.

More promo codes & deals will be added soon!

5 Best & Cheap 120Hz Monitor : July 2019

No matter how fast your PC is, it’s the visual monitor that can make or break your experience. A good monitor can enhance your gaming or computing experience, and also not impact your vision adversely.

What to look for in a monitor?

When choosing a monitor, there are a few aspects to watch out for. Response time is one of the most important specifications. It means no flickering as you switch videos. Screen resolution can make a lot of difference, as it defines the number of pixels in an inch and is thus as important as the screen size.

Panel technology can impact the quality of video graphics displayed. Three types of panel technologies viz. TN, VN and IPS are used in modern monitors, TN being the cheapest and IPS being the most expensive. Adaptive sync is the capability of a monitor to synchronise the frame rates from videos using the video acceleration driver. Of course, brightness and contrast are the traditional factors that affect display visuals.

Refresh rate is another thing to look out for. This means the frequency at which the hardware draws an image on the screen per second. Better the refresh rate, smoother is the viewing and better is it for the eyes.

Some of the best picks

There are many monitors available today. A value-for-money monitor with good performance is the 120Hz monitor, which has a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. Most of these use TN panel and can even support refresh rates of 144 Hz as well. Most of these monitors have LightBoost technology and 16.7 million real life colors for a realistic display. The response time is usually 1 msec. The NVIDIA 3D Vision System provides highly effective 3D results.

List of Cheap 120Hz Monitor 2017

So, here we go!!

Samsung S23A700D 120Hz 3D 1080p LED Gaming Monitor

cheap 120 hz monitor for gamingThis monitor from the reputed electronics master Samsung has a 23-inch display. It comprises of an 1080p LED screen. It comes with 3D glasses for an enrichening 3D experience for viewing or gaming. It is a very economical monitor and can actually help you get up to 300Hz, by leveraging the ULMB to eliminate motion blur. This can be simply done by switching off the strobe backlight. The brightness is amazing, and the makers claim to give you real-life experiences in 2D as well as 3D, especially in sequences like action-packed and close-up shots. You can add 3D depth to 2D content to enhance the experience with a simple button push. A wide viewing angle and dynamic contrast ratio are practical aspects to make the viewing more enjoyable. Its approximate price is US $170.

check price

BenQ XL-Series XL2720T 27-Inch 120Hz Gaming Monitor with S-Switch

cheapest gaming desktopThis is a fine monitor that has an ultra-fast 120Hz refresh rate with a real-time and quick response rate of 1 msec. Its frame has been designed specifically so that there are minimal distractions while viewing. To minimize impact on eyes, technology like Low Blue Light and Flicker Free have been incorporated into this monitor. Focus in the right ergonomic aspects, there is a Height Adjustment Stand also included. It is a full HD model, and gives impeccable clarity in dark scenes using black eQualizer feature. The S Switch feature allows for professional standards of gaming experience, to switch smoothly between saved settings. This monitor has been adopted across the world for many prestigious eSports tournaments as well. This includes the Major Leading Games (MLG). Its approximate price is US $379.

check price

ASUS VE248H 24″ Full HD LED Monitor

asusThis monitor has a sleek slim design with a 24-inch display. The resolution is 1920×1080. The response time is 2 msec. Thus, there are no ghosting or tracers. So, it can deliver smooth and enjoyable video playback. It is an intelligent monitor with automatic optimization of the image in terms of brightness, colors, sharpness and contrast. Users can choose display mode from full to 4:3 display while using it for movie or games. The contrast ratio is 1,00,000:1 to render real life quality images. It has HDMI and DVI technology and full LED screen. It comes with a base that can be detached easily if desired. This increases the ergonomic viability of the monitor. Its price starts at around US $ 145.

check price

BenQ GL2460HM 24-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor

affordable 120hz monitorBenQ is a well-respected brand and this monitor is testimony to their promise to promote like-like clarity for the ultimate viewing experience. It has the BenQ Senseye Human Vision Technology to depict the true colors. This allows it to leverage calibration techniques in six proprietary forms, and its pre-set viewing modes deliver high quality images. It has HDMI high-speed multimedia technology interface, such that its convenient and compatible with latest trends and devices. It complies with ENERGY STAR Program for Computer Monitors, Version 5.1. Its approximate price is US $132.99

check price

Asus VG236H 23-Inch 3D-Ready LCD Monitor

cheapest monitor for gamingThis one boasts of an advanced LCD dual side technology, which can render 60Hz to each eye in the 3D usage mode. Thus, you can see smooth and blur-free smooth scenes like action-packed ones. Whereas in 2D, you can avail of the full 120Hz rate. With a response time of 2 msec., this monitor can help you bid goodbye to ghosting issues. You get NVIDIA 3D glasses and emitter for a rich experience. There is a non-reflective surface for enhanced impact. The contrast ratio is 100,000:1, and backlighting can help to save energy. It has great connectivity to many devices advantage via HDMI/DVI-D connectors. Its approximate price is US $1367.

check price

A last say… It is important that one does the detailed research on features, pricing and also read the various reviews of the product that one wishes to purchase. The above is an attempt to make this work a bit simpler for you. Go ahead, purchase the monitor that suits your need and budget to enjoy the magical world of lifelike visuals!

20% Off Tocber Coupon Code 2019 & Reviews, Alternatives

So today on Robloxtool, we are going to present all new coupon codes and deals for 2019. Tocber is a China based website that sells boots, sandals and plenty of footwear on their portal. They don’t have thousands of products listed but whatever they have in their portfolio seems solid and affordable at the same time. You can make the payment via Paypal so you won’t have any problems because you can file chargeback if anything goes wrong with your order.

tocber coupon code and reviews

When we searched for Tocber coupon code on Google, we found some YouTube videos that are claiming that Tocber is scam. Since we have not verified it, we can not comment whether they’re real or legit so if anyone of you have successfully bought something from Tocber, do let us know in comments so other shoppers will know about this brand.

As of now, there are no active coupons available for Tocber but have a very good alternative for you. Here’s the master link of products which are available at 10-20% discount and you can buy those with confidence.

Now what to do if you want the exact same product listed on Tocber? Well, we have one trick but can’t say for sure if it would work for all products.

Just choose the product of your choice from Tocber and simply right click on the product image (make sure you are using chrome browser on desktop/laptop). Now select “search Google for image” option. Now Google will show you alternate websites that has exactly same product as listed on Tocber. Hope this trick helps!