Answers to King Yemma in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Answers to King Yemma in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

questions from King Yemma at Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Answers to King Yemma’s questions at Dragon Ball Z Kakarot so you can cross the gate of the other world and train with King Kai

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Rey Yemma in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot – How to get there?

King Gema is the Governor of the other world and you do not need to look for him. The moment you reach the door of the other world, something that will happen, whether you like it or not, when you go a little further you will meet this character.

Of course, in order to cross the door and be able to train with King Kai, you need to solve some questions correctly. If you are a DBZ fan you will not need any help. And in fact even if you land on the DBZ universe for the first time, as in the previous conversation they give you several clues. In any case, if you have reached this point, it is because you are hesitant to ask any question, so we give you the answers:

King Yemma in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot – Questions and Answers

Question 1: Where was Raditz sent?

1st answer: Hell

Question 2: Who is more powerful?

2nd answer: King Yemma

Question 3: Who is judged here after death?

3rd answer: Everything

Question 4: Is there a way to resurrect those who are already dead?

4th answer: Yes

Question 5: What question is this?

Answer 5: The fifth

Although the reality is that you have already discovered that if you fail a question nothing happens. We failed, King Gema accepted the answer and then Kami corrected us both. But come on, it didn’t affect you at all, and you may even lose a question intentionally to see what happens.

Video guide

In case you want to see it, we leave you a video of Duxa7iva youtuber of King Yemma’s questions and answers

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