Agent A Chapter 3 Walkthrough

Agent A Chapter 3 Walkthrough

Agent A Chapter 3 Walkthrough

Welcome to Agent A Chapter 3 Walkthrough, Ruby’s Entice, a action by stage manual to get to explode the pool

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Agent A Chapter 3 Walkthrough – Initially Actions

  • Push the button at the rear of the cope with of the briefcase, puzzle alternative:
    • 1st: triangle down, 2 diamonds to the still left, circle to the proper
    • 2nd: 2 diamonds down (wherever the circle was)
    • 3rd: Circle to its spot, triangle to its put and also square to its put
  • Pick the pencil up and recognize the clue (keep in mind it) of the decrease still left corner
  • Flick the switch of the correct panel (open up it), then acquire the digital chip and the glowing product of the remaining panel,  put the electronic chip on the correct side slot to get the electrical power mobile, and put the electrical power mobile into the remaining slot
  • Faucet the blue buttons right until you total the up coming puzzle
  • Entrance Panel: open the locks in this get – 1st top rated still left, 2nd down proper, 3rd middle still left, 4th middle right, 5th prime appropriate and 6th down left
  • Left Panel: Choose the cranck take care of (inside of the lover), choose the glowing merchandise, all the plugs, and observe the weird symbol
  • Appropriate wall holes: Bear in mind Ruby’s lipstick symbol or clue? Location the plugs in the same pattern
  • Zoom out and examine the stability digital camera for various clues, then go to the entrance of the pedestal and press these buttons:
    • 1st: 1st row – 1st, 2nd row – 1st, 3rd row – 2nd, 4th row – 1st, 5th row – 1st
    • 2st: 1st row – 1st, 2nd row – 1st, 3rd row – 2nd, 4th row – 1st, 5th row – 1st
    • 3st: 1st row – 5th, 2nd row – none, 3rd row – 5th, 4th row – 4th & 5th, 5th row – 4th

Agent A Chapter 3 Walkthrough – Mouse

  • Obtain the mouse in the gap (appropriate), and do this speedy: tap on him, and just when he goes out from the other gap, pull the lever down. If he is there, tap him all over again, discover him and get Trevor’s critical. If he is not go again and do it faster
  • Go to the keyhole (ground) and use Trevor’s key, then clear up the puzzle: Match the arms to the cutout
  • Location the crank in the socket, then move it untill the disc turns green
  • Now you will see some lights on the wall, is the new plugs sample, but first
  • Go to where by the red lever is and get the pink critical, pull the lever up, position the pink critical in the gap (ideal) and get the product
  • Now use the new sample on the plugs, pull the lever up, rotate the crank, just take the 2nd energy cell, and increase it to the other one particular (Red button)
  • Seem to the crank close to the mouse hole, now loow proper (reduce proper corner) and find some symbols and numbers. Slide the slider to the proper and take the item. Then faucet the yellow & black panel and press the triangle (laser)
  • Recall the 4 symbols clue of the safety digital camera? Go again to the symbols and figures and find out the price of every image. Use the 5 digit code on the selection pad to the still left and unlock the first lock.

Agent A Chapter 3 Walkthrough – Chisel & Brick

  • Go to the left wall’s gate, insert the pencil in the minimal slot and pull it down to open the gate and take the chisel
  • Now you have to spot the shade pistons in the same buy as the colours of the scren of the bomb on the bridge: purple, light blue, green and dark blue
  • Up coming there is a puzzle the place you have to pause rows & columns, but it’s tricky to reveal, so greater check out the video tutorial, min 7:30
  • Enter the figures you got in the range pad to unlock the second lock
  • Pull the huge lever up and go to the still left wall to locate a brick out of area. Clear away it with the chisel, get the item from the gap and also the brick from the flooring
  • Position the brick on the button at the proper of the pedestal to open up a panel by the admirer. Get a further merchandise from the panel, press the button and a different laser will seem.
  • Put the six glowing merchandise in the slots (correct of the pedestal), notice the symbols (for the last lock) and pull the lever down.
  • For the last code you have to have to solve the symbols = ??. To do it discover out the columns styles: 5, 7, ?? = 9, or 8, 11, ?? = 14
  • Use the most current code on the variety pad and unlock the past lock to get the electricity mobile
  • To get the most current power cell you have to rotate the discs of the lasers to match them with their corresponding locks, it’s difficult to make clear, much better enjoy de online video guidebook min 13:56
  • After you done the laser puzzle you can get the latest ability mobile, position it by the crimson button and finish the chapter

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If you want you can also use the Chapter 3’s videoguide walkthrough, by the youtuber MobileGamesDaily out?v=xphRcfb5HCY

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