AFK Arena Codes – Free Rewards

AFK Arena Codes – Free Rewards

AFK Arena Codes

In this tutorial we will offer you all the Energetic AFK Arena Codes that you can redeem for totally free benefits: Gold Coins, Scrolls, Soulstones, Diamonds & additional

AFK Arena Codes – Valid Codes

This is the lively valid code correct now:


AFK Arena Codes – Expired Codes

Worldwide Launch Code – AFKLAUNCH

Valid period of time: The Code AFKLAUNCH is valid from April 12th to May well 10th.

Reason: To Celebrate AFK Arena Global Launch

Benefits: 5 Fortuitous Hourglass, 13 Common Hero Scrolls and also 100,000 Gold Coins

Youtuber Codes

m6h4wepz7u: with this code you will get a absolutely free character – Gwyneth – lightbearer archer

jenrmb3n3a: Rewards with 500 diamonds, 3 scrolls and

j8wspdd8rk: Rewards with 1,000 diamonds, 120 scarce soulstones and also 10 elite soulstones

Codes: There are 5 youtuber´s codes, BUNNYFUFUU, LACHLAN, IAMWILDCAT, Leading5GAMING and also ORANGEJUICEGAMING. But you can just use one particular of them, and all of them give the very same rewards. In actuality there are a lot more youtuber codes, but you dont will need them, mainly because if you use ne of the 5 offered you cant use much more youtuber codes.

Legitimate interval: Mysterious, but continue to redeemables

Purpose: To Advertise the Game

Rewards: 120 Scarce Hero Soulstones, 1,000 Diamonds and also 100,000 Gold Coins

Event´s Codes

We will update this Manual with a lot more Event´s codes

  • DADISAFK2019: Benefits with 500 diamonds and is valid from June 16th to June 23rd, 2019
  • 2019mothersday: Rewards with 500 diamonds and is legitimate from June 16th to June 23rd, 2019

AFK Arena Codes – How to Redeem?

1- Tap on your Player Avatar, found in the still left hand corner of the principal display

2- Tap on Configurations, the tab at the bottom ideal

3- Faucet on Redemption Code, and enter the Code

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