Adopt Me Gifts Guide – Roblox

Adopt Me Gifts Guide – Roblox

Adopt Me Gifts

Welcome to the Undertake Me Presents Manual, where we will demonstrate you how to get every prize or reward in the game, their probabilities and their rarities

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Undertake Me Presents Information – About Gifts

Items are a loot box type item run by Santa Claus, based on their rarities they have diverse prospects. So discover them and get the next prizes:

Undertake Me Presents Tutorial – Prizes

These are the prizes you can get acording to their rarities

Widespread Rarity Prizes

These are all the typical rarity prizes accessible

  • Chicken Leg
  • Canine Food stuff Frisbee
  • Umbrella Frisbee
  • Chew Toy
  • Stick Chew Toy
  • Ice Cream Rattle
  • Zeppelin Balloon
  • Soccer Ball Chew Toy

Uncommon Rarity Prizes

These are all the uncommon rarity prizes accessible

  • Boomerang
  • Protein Shake Chew Toy
  • Newspaper Chew Toy
  • Mouse Chew toy
  • Rubber Pet Balloon
  • Mouse Leash
  • Gumball Machine Rattle
  • Dragon Balloon Cookie Frisbee
  • Panda Frisbee
  • Balloons

Unusual Rarity Prizes

These are all the rare rarity prizes out there

  • Pet dog Leash
  • Rope Chew toy
  • Kangaroo Pogo
  • Cracked Egg Stroller
  • Donut Frisbee
  • Crown Frisbee
  • Dog Residence Stroller
  • Pizza Unicycle
  • Crate Stroller
  • Rubber Chicken Chew toy

Extremely Exceptional Rarity Prizes

These are all the ultra scarce rarity prizes accessible

  • Griffen Propeller
  • Kangaroo Stroller
  • Donut Unicycle
  • Plane Propeller
  • Triple Stroller
  • Bazooka

Famous Rarity Prizes

These are all the famous rarity prizes out there

  • Donut Cycle
  • Traveling Household
  • Unicorn Ciycle
  • Banana Car
  • Dogmobile
  • Hoverboard

Undertake Me Presents Manual – Gift Odds

Depending on the loot box form thesed are the possibilities:

  • Tiny Gift: 60% widespread, 30% uncommon, 7,5% rare, 2% extremely rare and also ,5% famous
  • Huge Present: 20% typical, 50% uncommon, 20% uncommon, 8,5% extremely uncommon and also 1,5% legendary
  • Significant Reward: % typical, 10% unusual, 55% unusual, 31% ultra rare and also 4% famous

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