Achievements and Trophies PES 2020

Achievements and Trophies PES 2020

achievements and trophies PES 2020

We explain how to get all the achievements and trophies PES 2020, Konami Soccer for PS4, Xbox One and PC. It's 51 in total, so it'll take us a while to get them all

They are 51 in total, 42 of which are bronze, 5 are silver, 3 are gold and one is platinum

Achievements and Trophies PES 2020 – Bronze I

First, these are the 42 bronze trophies of the game:

  • The King of Returns: To win after losing by 2 differences
  • Owner of possession: For a win with at least 65% possession
  • Ace in the sleeve: by calling with a substitute
  • Sniper: To score a free throw of at least 25 meters
  • Unexpected scorer: By marking with a defender
  • Dramatic twist: To win by increasing the discount
  • Hat-trick: To score 3 goals with the same player in the same match
  • Magician ball: Score after overcoming an opponent with a watermark
  • Vaseline specialist: For scoring 5 petroleum jelly targets
  • Permanent strategic ball: To score 3 goals for a ball stopped
  • Master of the classic: To win a classic
  • Vice versa: for counterattack
  • Arch keeper: To stop a sentence (not sanctions)
  • The king of the target at zero: To win without a goal
  • Covered: To win an opponent that has 2 or more stars than you
  • Understandable: to play 50 games
  • Hunters: To score 100 goals
  • Support the machine: To give 100 aids
  • The local game played! To finish a local race
  • Above (COM) To get the match data relative to COM
  • Versus (2 players) To get the Versus match data

Achievements and Trophies PES 2020 – Bronze II

  • Random match selection started! To complete a random selection match
  • Professional debut: To play a game of being a legend
  • Winner of the championship: to win the League of Being Legend
  • Dream League Eleven: To enter into the ideal Eleven of a legend
  • Victoria in the Master League: To win the Master League
  • Download message: to read a message in the Liga Master
  • #EresTendencia: for uploading fans to the Master League
  • Silver collector: Basic: To get all the silver in basic skills training
  • Silver collector: Intermediate: To get all the silver in intermediate skills training
  • Victoria: Online Services: To win a match in Online Divisions
  • Silver Collector: Advanced: To get all the silver in Advanced Skills Training
  • Silver collector: expert: To get all the silverware in Skill Expert training
  • Posted in online sections: For ascending division
  • Team game: For the start of a match starting from the Team Lobby
  • Casual race victory: To win an informal online partnership
  • The victory of the Party: To win an affiliate online clan
  • myClub: 1st win in the rankings
  • Classification recognition: To receive a listen when playing 10 ranking matches on myClub
  • Stellar signature: To get a rare black player with a representative on myClub
  • One of us: To train a player up to level 10 on myClub

Achievements and Trophies PES 2020 – Silver

Second, these are the 5 silver trophies of the game:

  • World class: For marking of at least 30 meters (without permanent ball =
  • The legendary winner: To win 5 games in Legend
  • Championship champion: To win a top league in the Master League
  • Contributing contributor: To receive a special collaborative style of online collaboration
  • An eye for talent: For a rare gold or black player with a scout, myClub

Achievements and Trophies – Gold

Third, these are the 3 golden trophies of the game:

  • Victory course: To win 100 games
  • Best player in the world: To get into being a legend
  • World giants: To create a template with at least 3,000 quality equipment in myClub

Achievements and Trophies – Platinum

Ultimately this is the only Platinum Trophy in the game:

  • Ultimate Player: To get all the previous ones

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